RvB Ganked 6 – Judean Peoples Front

Last night saw the LASER ROAM OF AWESOME that was RvB Ganked Night 6, with 75 brave and mostly drunk pilots gathering up in a wild variety of laser fit ships. Some fielded actual Amarr ships whilst some (like myself) opted for hilariously failfit ones. Lasers and a remote rep armour mod are perfectly valid on a Raptor, I assure you.

Some 15 minutes after the initial depart time of 2100, we actually got underway. Jumping into the DANGEROUS LETHAL AREAS!!1111!!!11!1 of nulsec revealed a whole lot of nothing for us to shoot for about 12 jumps, whatever locals about choosing to hide at stations or POSs.

Finally, we received scout information of a gang up ahead us, belonging to the Solar Wing alliance. Sadly, the next system en route was 140 AU across and we were unable to rush to the aid of our scout, who died and went back to get an new ship.

However, we set up camp in case the gang tried coming into us. A United Pod Service scout in a Retribution tried going through us and died, with a Solar Wing Dramiel scout following suit. Local had flared up a bit, and d-scan showed a 22 man gang (with 5 guardians) at a Safe. Not a lot we can do about that. Especially when the United Pod Service gang warped to a tactical off the gate at 70.

Debates are had in fleet about our 70 man failfleet engaging a logi-strong gang at a 70km distance, and we decide against it. They can come to us.

We jump out and head off another way, hoping we’ll get a fight somewhere else.

However, we only make it 2 jumps when it’s reported the UPS gang is now ahead of us, having made use of Jump Bridges. A scout places them a mere 30km off the far side of the next gate.

A 10 minute debate on comms ensues, with some suggesting tactics whilst some suggesting a straight charge into their guns. We’re here to die and we’ll die fighting.

Finally, Mangala makes the call. We’re going in. We have a massive numbers advantage, but they have range, logi, seriousness and decent fleet composition.

We jump into a bubble, with the main UPS gang 30km away and their logi even further. A Purifier decloaks at the top of the bubble…. and bombs straight up (hint: away from us) and gets insta popped by our fleet.

We charge into the enemy fleet, ECM drones going for the Guardians and everything else going for a Hurricane. Fleet then splits with half killing their Onyx who was sat back on the gate (shield fit with armour logi…) and the rest killing a Brutix. Finally we turn our attention towards the UPS Battleships, sure to be nigh on unbreakable with 5 guardians supporting them.

I can already imagine what was going through one pilot’s head.

"It's OK guys, we got this"

"Hey guys?"


It seems 2 of their Guardians fled the field right as we engaged. GOOD LOGI SUPPORT GUYS, and the other three are either jammed or bad, we’re not sure.

Lasers everywhere.

So one Tempest explodes, followed by another and another. A Stabber Fleet Issue explodes violently. A Drake dies, followed by a Guardian who had decided to get within 20km of the main fight, swiftly followed by another Drake, an Abaddon and one last Guardian as the rest flee the field.

Did we just win? Holy crap. We did.

Someone got a live-stream recorded of the fight (and the discussions leading to it) and that can be found HERE.

Killboard Battle Report is a bit broken but can be found HERE.

Youtube Video of the fight itself:

We repair who we can, most of those who died going to bed and the rest of us head along a route back to lowsec to regroup with those reshipping.

Along the way we encounter one of the Guardian pilots we killed now in an Archon at a station, but he promptly docks. Dammit.

The last gate to our destination throws us into a drag bubble some 50km off the gate. As we burn back towards the gate a Typhoon lands in the bubble and dies quickly. Smartbomb fit. A for effort. 3 bombers decloak and try their luck, but all three explode with minimal losses to our side.

Finally, as we all get on gate into lowsec a large gang lands in the drag bubble – easily 50% larger than the gang we just killed and with some nasty ships too, so we GTFO and keep moving.

After another half an hour of arsing about, we jump back into nulsec and leeroy the remainder of our fleet into a kite stabber fleet issue gang, only killing one in the process and me losing all my corpses I had managed to acquire!

Another fantastic Ganked roam, and my thanks go to all those who attended, Mangala for FC’ing and our brave scouts, though your names elude me this early in the morning.

The next Ganked is this Saturday, and you can bring whatever you want as long as it’s BattleCruiser and under. Show up.

P.S. If you haven’t seen it, this Rooks & Kings video is sublime.

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  1. Pussy Guardian pilots are the best.

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