Avenging a Manticore

There’s a host of activity in the Wormhole constellation today. Our static C4 contains 2 inbound c4s as well as a c4 static, and activity has been sighted in all of them.  C4c contains another c4 inbound and a c5 inbound which both appear to have deposited scouts into the constellation.

I grab a Scram/Web fit Manticore whilst my alliance mates grab a Phobos and an Interceptor to try and catch us some cov ops. An hour of hunting has us narrowly missing a  Russian Cheetah on the c4a/c4c connection, but he comes back in a Hurricane and sits at 0 on the wormhole screaming “bait”. Five minutes of waiting has him bugger off back to his own WH.

A Helios of another corp moves under our noses to C4b and while we hunt him, a third corp shows up with a Cheetah and Probe into C4b. Our interceptor narrowly misses both and I’m too late to land, so we set up camp and have the Phobos stay cloaked on the c4a side to try and bubble them when they go home.

Whilst in c4b a fourth corp shows up with a Badger, seemingly collecting PI before returning to a tower in system, the ship moving too fast for me to land and tackle.

It seems we might struggle to catch anything, when a Rapier of the same corp of the Probe and Cheetah lands on the Wormhole with our Phobos. Our interceptor pilot has already moved home to grab something with a bit more “oomph” but it seems the Rapier is only interested in securing a route home for his two corpmates. However, he’s trying to kill our Phobos while doing so. I jump in with my Manticore and open fire, but our Phobos jumps back the other way, leaving me along against a Rapier.


My pod escapes easily, and I’m in the mood for revenge. I grab a Falcon, fit it with Minmatar/Amarr Jammers and head back to C4a. The Rapier was scouted moving into C4c, presumably these pilots came from another inbound in there, and our Phobos pilot is in his Proteus.

The Proteus jumps to C4c whilst our Typhoon and my Falcon hold in c4a. Imagine our surprise when the Rapier warps to the Proteus and jumps in.

My ECM instantly jams out the Rapiers targeting system and the Typhoon smashes into his shields, forcing the Rapier to jump back in low shields into the waiting arms of our Proteus with the rest of us following behind.

The Rapier melts with minimal fuss. Revenge is mine!

There’s a Harb on scan now, as well as a Drake. I’m not fitted for Caldari, but we decide to give it a shot. We warp to the C5 inbound in C4c and managed to engage the harb with no sign of the Drake. However, a Blackbird warps in at range and I’m not fit for Caldari. I throw all my jams onto the BB but he gets a jam off on me first, and proceeds to jam our points out, allowing the Harb to warp off. Bugger.

On the way back, I stop to loot my own Manticore wreck which was left unlooted, picking up my cov ops cloak and my t2 BCUs. Score.

It’s getting late, so I log out for the night once we return to our C5.

Posted on November 19, 2011, in Wormholes. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Why didn’t you jump back when you got left with the Rapier? Were you really so bad that you ignored session cloak? 😛

    • I was hoping I’d be able to fire off a shot and GTFO. Sadly, the phobos left and so the Rapier instantly went for me (rather than wait a few seconds as his modules cycled)

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone refer to a Badger as being too fast to catch. ;p

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