Sisi updates with awesomeness!

Here we go!

  • The new BCs are on Sisi in an untextured state
The Talos stats
The Naga makes an appearance
The Tornado!
Oh and I guess the Oracle too.
  • The Gallante and Caldari sub-cap ships have all been updated to the new “V3” textures. This means shinier ships, and logos now feature on every hull. T1 Hulls show their faction (Gallante and Caldari) whilst t2 hulls show their NPC Developer.
The new Oneiros with the developer logo!
The new Ferox looks stunning
  • With this change comes a change to both the Federation Navy Comet and the Caldari Navy Hookbill.
The new Comet is no longer a spacecop
The new Hookbill sports a Digital Camo
  •  There’s a new autopilot UI!


    That is the Cloud Ring in the distance!!

    So I went towards cloud ring and got this 3 jumps on the way

    Jumping into Cloud Ring puts the ring all around me. I'm in the middle.

  • Hybrid Buff is now on Sisi good and proper!
  • Map screen is a lot smoother and more fluid to navigate
  • The Erebus has a new Doomsday animation. (Possibly other titans too)
  • Player customs offices appear to be live as well.

That’s all for now, get on Sisi and check it out!

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  1. BLAST! You beat me to it

  2. I am going to miss my police vessel and the great smack in local when you kill something with it. Shouting ‘Nee Naw’ as you tackle something just wont feel the same now.

  3. I too will miss the Police paint job, now I can’t call it my police interceptor anymore.

  4. Vincenzo DiFrancesco, Belt Police Commissioner

    I am so unhappy with their new Comet scheme. She has style and class. A retro look in a universe of camo-influenced tripe. Now she’s just going to be another green turd in a sea of green turds.


  5. now that I think about it, who the fuck thought a camo pattern was a good idea in space? Space is huge, you barely even see what you’re shooting anyways, why does it matter what the fucking paint scheme is?

  6. Second pic of cloud ring. Wallpaper material right there

  7. I loaded up Sisi earlier today (after this was posted) and couldn’t get the logos to appear. Is there some special combo of video settings to enable to get them to show up, or were they temporarily removed?

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