Singularity test server changes

Sisi has just updated with the first build of stuff for the winter expansion.

Here’s the major changes I know of.

  • New font
  • New fitting window
New fitting window

The new window loads a lot faster, shows turret/drone/missile DPS and now shows remaining powergrid and cpu rather than total already used.

  • Oneiros Buff – The Oneiros has received a buff with increased speed, reduced signature radius, almost 20% more powergrid and has had a Medium slot module moved to a Low slot, as seen above.
  • 100 saved fittings (up from 50)
  • Implants on podmails
  • New CQ (as a previous build)
  • New engine flares (as a previous build)
  • UI Scaling – shown here:

Original UI Size

New UI size at 110%

It’s not a massive difference but it’s enough for those with bigger resolutions to get their information that little bit clearer.

  • New T2 items are on the server, but not seeded. Examples are the new Triage, Seige, Warfare Links and more!
  • UPDATE: Destroyer Buff:
    • No Rate of Fire penalty now
    • Armour, Shield increases
    • Cap increase
    • Sig radius decrease
  • UPDATE 2 – Clicking on someones portait again allows you to view their whole avatar.
Like so
  • UPDATE 3 – You can now click and drag to select items in hangers.
  • UPDATE 4 – Corp bookmarks! 

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’ll try to update the list as more are discovered!

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  1. Nice to CCP refocus on their core game and what its about isn’t it.

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