Stirring the hornets nest with my first wormhole kill

The day starts out as usual; an empty alliance meets me (I’m the earliest EU player) so I get down to business, finding our new C4 in short time.

A short can shows two towers in the system, both belonging to the same corp. There’s also 2 Orcas and a Harbinger battlecruiser on scan. Warping to one of the POS’ reveals the two Orcas, one of which is piloted, and the Harbinger off scan elsewhere but not at a celestial!

Hatching a plan, I move out of d-scan range of the POS and drop combats, moving them waaay off system, before returning to try to fix a direction for the Harby. 5 minutes of d-scan puts him within 4 and 5 au downwards from me, so I bring the probes to the spot and scan.

I get him with the first hit, bookmark it and hastily recall my probes. No movement from the tower indicates I may have just gotten away with it. I rush back to our C5, swapping my Helios for my trusty Manticore. I jump into the C4 once again and warp to the spot at 20km.

A lone cargo container meets me. Shit.

I move back to the POS to see a new Pilgrim and the Harby pilot (whom I identified from the can ownership) now in a Bestower, along with the Orcas from earlier. I wait a few moments – it appears they may have caught my probes earlier. However, my overview shows the Bestower picking up speeds and I align to the previous bookmark.

He warps there.

I warp in at 20km, decloak and open fire, establishing point and within mere seconds he’s gone, marking my first ever Wormhole kill.

I’m pretty damn sure the Pilgrim pilot will be on my arse and he disappears from d-scan indicating a possible cloak. I recloak and burn away from the wreck for now, keeping a steady visual. Nothing further develops aside from the Pilgrim returning to swap for a Zealot so I return home and idle while playing Battlefield.

Half an hour later I return to find quite the welcoming party. It would appear these guys may want me dead.

Hi gents.

Moments later, the pod boards a Broadsword. As I continue to watch, the Broadsword picks up speed. Alarm bells go off and I initiate warp back to my home C5. My insticts pay off as whilst the POS and other ships disappear off d-scan as I warp, the Broadsword does not.

It’s also going to the Wormhole.

I land on the wormhole and jump as the broadsword lands, promptly burning off and cloaking on the far side. The Broadsword follows but doesn’t warp off, instead jumping back to his C4, presumably giving up the chase. Phew!

My alliance mates are starting to log in so we crit the wormhole’s mass (which was already low, for some reason) and I run my first anom with my Tengu, its speed and shields easily brushing off the DPS of 2 sleeper Battleships. Meanwhile an alliance mate in another Wormhole, Penny, manages to nab a very expensive Iteron kill. 750m worth of… something. Nice!

It getting late, I decide to log from EVE and shoot some guys on Battlefield again, since some of my RvB friends have it too.

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  1. Dang, I’m waiting for that blog story on Tiger Ears.

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