In which there is a close call

I log in to find the our C4 static reported as busy, although the local gang just lost a Basilisk to a sleeper site. The c4 has a c2 static and a quick probe of that finds a lot of nothing, although there appears to be a c6 hole connected to it.

I decide to scout the POS in the C2 and get a slight shock upon warping to the moon.

This seems familiar.

Fortunately I avoid a decloak (and whatever bombers are lying in wait) and move back off to the c4.

The -1 Basilisk gang don’t appear to be local to the C4, and another quick probe has a second incoming C5 to the system. An Interdictor is spotted on the hole but our scout in the hostile C5 is sighted for a moment and other ships begin moving through the area.

We send a bomber to shock the Interdictor back through the WH but our bomber is decloaked by a hostile cov ops which was also cloaked, go figure. Our scout on the other side runs into issues too, so we back off and continue scouting.

A later attempt to hit some miners is also thwarted by them being on the ball with d-scan, so we mostly idle for the time being.

Up until the point where a nulsec WH opens, and we get a comment in local!

[ 2011.10.23 21:57:36 ] Asayanami Dei > nice pos you have there, shame if something happend to it


We have a quick scout around but nothing is new, so I log for the night.

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