RvB accuses me of corp theft

So it seems someone stole some ships from the Red Federation corp hanger. Worse still, it apparently happened within the hours that I left RvB.

Guess who’s getting the blame?

I received an EVEmail yesterday morning saying thus;

They [the ships] were there the night before you left and then gone after you left. Coincidence?

Yes, quite frankly. Either someone misplaced the ships (it happens) or someone timed this really well and are trying to pin the blame on myself.

I’m pretty damn offended, I have to say. While I got aggravated with RvB in the days leading up to my departure, I still have nothing but respect for both corps and those in them. I do intend to return at some point and I can’t see the logic behind stealing a few measly BCs to ruin that chance.

I posted this to clear up my end of the matter. If people don’t believe me, then they can live in their world of paranoia and have fun with that.  I flew with RvB for 6 months, I would have thought that gave me the benefit of the doubt.

I can see the logic behind the accusations, but it doesn’t make me any less annoyed.

EDIT: I know I appear defensive, but this really got to me. 😦

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  1. I would have imagined there was more than just a couple of BCs in there, so why you wouldn’t have taken everything would make me doubt it being you

  2. If they didn’t have auditing set up on the Corp hangars that is their own fault. Corp should be able to see who removed what from whatever location it was in.

    • There’s no way of auditing the corp hangars themselves. You can place auditable containers in the hangars which will tell you when a stack of items was locked or unlocked (but not added or removed), however you can’t place ships inside these containers.

      This is the main reason corp theft is so easy to commit and so difficult to trace. If I’m wrong and there is some method of auditing that I’m not aware of, please correct me!

      Also, I’ve never trusted that tgl guy!

  3. Dracoth Simertet

    TG is innocent free the wormhole 1!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I can’t see you taking ships like that.

    Isn’t that stuff tracked, though?

  5. Hold on – given that there’s a 24 hour stasis period during which you have no roles (and thus no hangar access), surely if the ships ‘were there the night before you left’ it’s physically impossible for you to have taken them?

  6. What a load of bollocks.

    I’m not sure what’s going on in RVB at the moment but a right bunch of little Hitlers seem to be holding the reins. You’ve got a bunch of paranoid delusional jobsworths in charge who seem to want to run the thing to bolster their own bear egos and persuade themselves that they are exceptional PVP’ers because they can blob gank 500 newbs. You are better off out of it mate, it has been sliding downhill for a while now. There is no appetite for change or improvement and the whole concept is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the PVP in the rest of the game. It needs to wise up quick, get its PVP back to small gang roots where it started and stop behaving like some gentlemans duelling society that babies every whinging carebear.

    The RVB I knew and once loved is rapidly becoming a joke within the game and fairly soon other corps are going to start refusing entry to people with RVB history as the sort of pilots they are churning out now are only equipped to orbit at 500 and press F1-F3.

  7. Don;’t tell anyone but it was me. :O

    just kidding.

  8. Most of their competent PvPers have left, they’re one good wardec from an easy destruction. Their only strategy is to blob in heavily tanked ships and out number their opponents.

  9. Was not my intention to frame you, pretty funny though.

  10. captain hurrdurr


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