Running ships in

The day starts with myself scanning our new C4 static, which contains a lone POS. An excessive amount of sigs eventually leads me to a c3 which is just entering the “end-of-life” stage. I have a quick scout, but our corp bookmarks tells me there’s 2 nulsec exits in there, so I don’t bother scouting it further.

My alliance mates have logged on and have started running the Anoms in the C4. In the absence of my own ships, one of them lends me a Drake so I can run some Ladar and Grav sites. Run them I do, the Battlecruiser having little difficulty. A loaned cormorant is used by myself to salvage the field when I am done, netting me some Nanoribbons (which are what I want, it seems). I clear the WH out within an hour and my alliance are still tengu’ing their way through the anoms when a Helios appears on d-scan. Our Noctis (for the Anoms) makes a beeline back to our C5 as the Helios pops combat probes. I reship straight for my Stealth Bomber and move to watch the POS in the C4 as my alliance reships into PvP ships in case someone tries a drop on us.

I notice the Helios appear for a moment off the POS, but he’s the same corp. Some 20 minutes later we establish that there’s no further movement and resume normal activities and I log for a couple of hours.

Logging back on reveals the C3 minutes from collapsing and as it does I deploy new probes to find the new one, hoping for one with a high-sec static. The WH gives me little trouble with finding it and its connected C3 is completely dead. No jumps/NPC kills in at least a week. Sadly its static is apparently a Lowsec one, but I scan it anyway.

The static is indeed a Lowsec and puts me four jumps from high security space in Gallante Faction Warfare space. A scout up to highsec reveals very little to no activity, so I return to our C5 to drop bookmarks, park my Helios and pod myself to Lonetrek to get some ships from Jita, waving to the RvB in local while doing so.

Choosing a Drake to bring in first, I nano fit it for quick travel and throw in a bunch of skillbooks for myself (Tengu training go!) and some corpmates. Some 30 jumps later, I’m back in our wormhole with an actual ship that I can use for ISK!

I decide to make another run to grab my Curse, but its reliance on cap boosters and the fact I don’t have a stockpile in the wormhole dissuades me. I instead go for the Falcon, keeping my Basilisk aside for later as well and run down again with no incidents.

By this time one of our probers has found a very occupied C5, currently home to a 6-7 man RR tengu gang with Carrier support. We consider a bomb run against them, but our scout is spotted for a moment and our element of surprise is lost for now. We don’t have enough to rival that gang for now so a couple of my alliance stick round in Bombers hoping to jump a Noctis while I log for the night.

Mornign after-report: it seems they did indeed jump a noctis. Excellent stuff!

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  1. “Some 20 minutes later we establish that there’s no further movement and resume normal activities”

    You’ll need to be a bit careful of this – as one of the advantages an aggressor has, is no local. It’s pretty common to move a cloaked fleet in, wait for people to start their stuff, then jump whatever you can take, be that a Noctis, or the Tengus / carriers.

    All they need do, is put an alt in there, do whatever they need / want to do on their mains, then use it as a warp to when sufficient time has passed that people start PVE.

    If you see someone around, put an alt on the inbound WH. Turn the world effects volume on that client WAY up. Hear it fire, and run like hell 🙂

    I like that you’ve moved into wormholes. You always seemed too clued up to spend your time in RvB, who sadly, seem to like throwing their dummies around as much as they do shooting people.

    • 20 minutes wasn’t long indeed but the C3 was EoL and we had eyes on it too, and nothing came in.
      However, I like the idea of turning world effects way up. I shall do that, thanks! 😀

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