Chasing a mammoth is a trap!

Logging after DT puts me as the only online guy in our wormhole, so I get about scanning. Whilst I have some experience with combat scanning, site scanning is new to me. So is naming bookmarks so others can use them, since “That really hard one to scan near the planet” is not a good naming convention.

I locate our new Static C4, since the old one collapsed over Downtime it seems, and jump in and start exploring.

It’s empty.

I don’t mean of pilots, I mean there’s not even a POS here. How bizzare. There’s also about 20 signatures, which is a pain. I don’t even bother scanning them to 100%, instead just noting their type and ID and moving on.

A while at this and I finally locate an outbound to another C5. Jumping through finds… another empty hole. No towers.

I pop probes and lock down a couple of sigs before d-scan flares up with a Magnate t1 frigate and sisters core probes being deployed. A hasty recall of my own probes and a dash back to our own C5 for a stealth bomber occurs, and before long I’m sat in the c4 waiting for the hapless Magnate to stumble across my wormhole.

10 minutes later and my patience rewards me with a wormhole flare. I sit poised on the decloak button, ready to open fire.

The magnate holds his cloak… and jumps back out straight away.

Knowing he’ll be polarised, I give chase because caution is overrated. I jump in as I see the magnate warp off to what seems to be the middle of nowhere. I note that down and return for my Helios. A scan of the area he warped to reveals a C5 wormhole. Excellent!

Jumping through reveals a Pulsar system which are hell for my manticore, essentially nullifying my damp due to a hefty lock range increase.

This wormhole is active. Very active. D-scan shows a Vulture, Orca, Mammoth, Vagabond and a couple of Cov Ops.

I find them at a tower. The alliance, Transmission Lost, is not friendly to us at all. The Vulture and Orca sit in the tower piloted, whilst the vagabond floats there unpiloted. The 2 cov ops are also in the tower, and both are piloted. No sign of the Mammoth.

I sit watching for a few minutes, willing the Orca to warp off for PI or something. The Mammoth warps in to the POS, loiters for a moment then warps off again towards a planet. Giggling like a child, I follow.

Warping to the Customs Office reveals he didn’t warp there, and a d-scan check puts him at another POS. I warp there at 100km, wondering how many POS these guys have an- HOLY CRAP


I turn the hell around and leave the WH, sufficiently spooked. I located another WH on the way out, but it was near the end of it’s life.

On my return to our C5, our guys are waking up. After a quick lesson on “Putting BMs in the right can dammit TG”, we decide to roll the C4 Static and get a new one.

It goes well right up until the Orca needs to come back to us, because the wormhole has collapsed.


Fortunately, we’re prepared for this and the Orca has a cloak and probes. I start scanning our own system for the new C4 and find it, revealing an occupied hole. Its own exit is end-of-life, so I copy my bookmarks back at our tower and log out for the night.

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