Finally in a Wormhole!

So last night, an accessible route finally opened to my corps Wormhole. Sure, it was 20J from Jita, 4 through lowsec and then 5 jumps through Wormholes, but a route is a route.

Due to the length and potential hostility of the route,  I decided against moving most of my ships (namely my iteron with mods/ammo and my drakes) and chose just to move a Helios scanning ship and a Manticore Stealth bomber in for the time being.

So I joined my corpmates in their main Wormhole! \o/

As a direct result of only having 2 ships, I am obviously unable to assist corpmates with sites they scan down, so I just kick back and monitor wormholes and POS Towers, although last night I logged after getting the basics of BM copying, BM naming and scout information sorted.

This morning I logged on and joined a corpmate (Longmourne) in scouting a POS in a nearby C4. Using bookmarks from earlier scans, we establish eyes. An unpiloted Nidhoggur, Falcon and Sleipnir sit unpiloted within the shields. Further checks show an odd range of defensive modules on the POS (Cruise missiles with small blasters?) but the system itself seems quiet. The POS owners appear to be French, so we can only presume they won’t be active for a while.

Warping round the other connecting WH systems reveals nothing, but returning to the POS I am informed by Longmourne that a piloted probe is now in the shields.

We sit watching for a time, but the probe pilot doesn’t move. He’s a relatively new pilot, so we presume he’s an alt or, failing that, he might make easy prey if he wanders off to do some PI.

Sadly, the pilot disappears and we assume he’s logged. I leave Longmourne to go check the adjacent systems again, only to find that the WH to our own hole is nearing the end of it’s life.

Neither of us had backup probers on our bombers, so we decided to move back into our C5 for now. Longmourne logs and I spent the rest of the morning making safes and tacs round our home system, as well as figuring out what the bloody hell each POS module does.

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