Enough is enough. Quitting RvB for a time

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been growing increasingly aggravated with RvB and, primarily, my own corp.

There’s been a rising trend lately in RvB; that of the blob.

This can’t be stopped. RvB has grown massively in the last couple of months, and the HQ systems 2 jumps apart, leading to the 2 HQs and the intervening system seeing 98% of the fighting.

This could be alleviated; Mangala recently implemented a competition for the most kills outside the three main systems. It worked great for the first day, then dropped off and people resumed the backwards and forwards blob. This, I don’t mind so much. What I do mind is the blobs wiping out every solo guy around. Four times yesterday I engaged 2v2 or 2v3 with a corpmate in an even fight, only to have about 5 extra ships land as soon as we engaged.

Upshipping and overshipping is on the rise too. RvB is suppose to be about good fights, and a lot of the time it *is*. However, when a tackled Omen needs to call for a Bellicose and 4 Punishers to fight a Rifter and a Hookbill and doesn’t agress till his mates landΒ then it’s starting to get a bit dumb. Undocking a Battleship to snipe a rifter is dumb. Undocking 2 BCs and a Hac for 1 BC is dumb.

Arguing flat out with me when trying to encourage people to downship for better fights and less ganks is fucking stupid. Especially when everyone does it. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I hear “but they do it too” as an excuse. If I could mediate the Blues as I could the Reds, I would.

A lot of people have some issue or another with the blob, so the team leaders come up with a little solution! An FFA weekend! T1 Cruisers and Frigs! Throw it on the forum for discussion! Get called elitist gits who are organising it to gank new guys.


Tell a corpmate to dock his Battleship because sniping rifters on our undock is preventing all engagements. He flat out ignores me, so I undock my megathron and smash him to 30% armour before he docks.

Not only does he rage (i’m a nigga and an asshole guys!) but about 5 further corp members turn on me for it.

Are. You. Serious.

Earlier in the day, a corpmate expressed his disapproval with some reds undocking BCs for a cruiser. I joined in on his side, the and corp essentially splits down the middle. The best part is Blues pulled the same trick later and the same guys that argued against me earlier bitched all over.

Then there’s the guys who sit in the blob all day every day. The guys who just whore on killmails. The guys who bitch at every turn but do nothing to help it. The guys who treat RvB as a “killmail manufacturing machine”. The guys who treat Blues as actual enemies rather than guys who just flipped a coin and got heads instead of tails. It pisses me off.

I’m sorry, RvB. I love you and all, but I sunk nearly every moment of my EVE time into trying to make you better. I led fleets, I ran competitions, I mediated arguments. I try to discourage ganks and blobs and to encourage more people to step up and FC.

Only for members to throw it in my face.

I consider myself thick skinned, but this is making RvB “not fun” for me. That’s why as soon as my stasis ends, I’m off. Maybe for a week, maybe a month. No idea.

Throwing my toys out of the pram. Enough is enough.


P.S. I am not saying RvB is not in anyway fun. It just isn’t for me right now.

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  1. I had an alt in rvb a short while ago, I saw the same trend but as just a grunt level guy it was much easier for me to leave. Solo players have it tough in eve, so in that respect RvB is no different. Learning to overcome the blob as a soloer (read avoid it) is also a big part of the solo game. Anyways, long comment short, hope you get refreshed with your break, you are a catalyzing force in RvB when I was there and it would be a huge loss for them to lose you, and a loss for eve. Other corps would be happy to have you πŸ™‚ although nobody offers the same level of good fights and action the RvB does.

  2. RvB will miss your presence. They may not think so, or know it now … but in a week or three, they’ll start itching at that limb that’s gone missing.

  3. This is more in line with my previous experiences in RvB, unfortunately. I very nearly put an alt in there awhile back, but didn’t because despite your awesome write ups, the few ‘grunts on the ground’ I knew in RvB reported that things were essentially unchanged from my prior experiences.

    Unfortunate when people miss the point so completely, but that’s not exactly uncommon. Where do you think you will head to now?

    • Incursions for a short while to build the wallet, then perhaps Wormholes. The unknown has a fair appeal to me.

      • Give wormhole PVP a try. There is a lot of downtime (no one around) but the thrill of the hunt can be as rewarding as the pew, and makes the buzz from the fight extremely potent. You really need to work for your targets.

        What to do in the downtime? Run sleeper sites. It’s about the same ISK/hr as Incursions on the lower end, and a lot higher in the tougher wormholes.

        Sadly, my “RvB career” lasted about 2 weeks, as I failed to get a good fight. Even the solo guys were using neutral booster alts and in some cases, admitted to using slave implants. Slave implants. On a frigate. Kinda sad. Then there are the guys who fit a sebo and fire one gun at everything they can lock in a fight, and go “OMG look I got 30kills!”

  4. Difficult problems to fix. Unfortunately, when given the option between a slight advantage and the risk of a loss or a large advantage that guarantees a win, most people choose the latter. This is despite the fact that the former tends to be more fun for both parties!

    Sounds like you need a break to be honest. Kind of funny since for me, RvB *was* what I did when I wanted a break!

    I’m running a couple of fairly casual gangs this weekend, you’re welcome to come along. 1800ish eve time both days – give me a shout if you’re interested.

  5. HQ’s 3 jumps apart was a terrible idea, it lets people call friends/reship/ship up ect ect way too fast which is why 2v2 3v3 ect usually turn into Blob v Blob.

    Personally though I hate the dock/undock bullshit you get at either HQ but if some guy wants to sit in his BS sniping enemy frigs all day I say leave him too it, it would force people to engage elsewhere (which is a good thing) and besides if you are in the so called enemy HQ system you should expect to die no exceptions, not get so called “fair” fights with gentleman’s rules its a war after all.

    Like people have said before RvB is so huge and there is so many types of players you can’t expect everyone to play the way you want them to play, and besides when people eventually leave RvB they would be fodder for everyone else if they expect anyone to fight fair in a real hisec war or lowsec, null/wh’s or wherever they end up.

    On one hand I agree with you and some of the things you say, on the other it looks like you are trying to force people in RvB to fight the war how you want/think it should be fought and thats never going to happen.

    Take care though, hope to see you back soon and don’t ever let things in a game get on top of you so much it feels like a job you are logging in to, we play for fun and people have it in all different ways which may not always be the same way you do πŸ™‚

    • Dracoth Simertet

      The HQ systems have always been 2-3 jumps away, where ever RvB have been, the layout of the current setup is more of a problem with one main route to each other.

      • I totally agree with this, right now its the layout thats killing some of the fun that some of us are here for.

        Admittedly not everyones fun, but still.

      • Yankunytjatjara

        True, but you’re getting it in the wrong way. The longer the distance, the less concentrated the fun, the more time to form up blobs. Make the corps use the same station of a single station system, and the camping will be pointless: as soon as you undock you pew, no time for that bullshit.

        It would be even better to have a single corp… Why having two teams if we want to avoid too much blobbing of a team against the other? Drop a team, we’re all rvb, and start pewing any blue with a passion!

  6. I’ll miss you being bad in fleet. But I see what you’re saying… I’m considering dropping out since i don’t even log on anymore unless there’s an op

  7. Come hang out with us over in R1FTA

    I got 2 solo kills on my first night using Slaves mega cane. Good times to be had πŸ˜€

  8. Hey look ma, I gotta mention!!

    Oh and guys:


    Send me iskies + a date.

    Its Pool time!!

  9. Meeeeeeeeight. You’ve just ‘ascended’. Gratz. Most pubbies are tards who need to burn. Now come join waffles and do it full time. ‘Join Sniggwaffe’.

  10. Yankunytjatjara

    TG, as you can imagine I can share your feelings, but you end up with leaving – that’s simple. Adapt or die, kill the blobbers in the blob!

  11. I think I’ve been able to avoid a lot of the negatives you’ve outlined because I’ve been focusing on other things during my time online. When I do get the chance to join a fleet, it’s blob v blob, but they’re usually set up beforehand. I’ll admit, most of the time, it doesn’t take a lot of skill, just CTRL-click primary and activate modules. Then again, I’m a noob, and I fully admit it.

    That’s why I’ve started going solo, and I’m having fun that way, too. Granted, my recent cruiser kill, I did call in friends (and wasn’t really expecting to get a rifter/destroyer/cruiser to come help me kill a cruiser), but that was because it was a stalemate neither of us could break. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I’m getting off topic. I played Eve Online for a couple months last year. I was a noob in a WH corp, and it was pretty obvious I was in over my head. Faced with the vast potential of Eve, and unable to really help my corp mates, I gave up and let me subscription lapse. I watched the Alliance Tournament this year, and between it and what I’d heard about RVB, it brought me back to play. I figured, having a focus (small frigate warfare) would be awesome, hold my attention, and allow me to grow as a player without getting overwhelmed.

    For me, RVB is perfect, but I can see how/why players outgrow it. Since joining Red Federation, I’ve had lots and lots of fun, and I’ve met a lot of good players. I’ve also started making other plans, and think I might actually get into more PVP or piracy. Reading Taurean Eltanin’s blog has me thinking of following in his footsteps. I know I don’t want to be a missioning carebear. I’m pretty sure I’d cancel my sub in a month or two if I went back to that.

    So, now that I have something of a goal, I’m going to use my time in RVB to get better at some of the things I need to. I know RVB can’t teach me everything. Experience and losses will help with that. I think wormholes could be fun, too, and maybe I’ll get back into them some day. For now, I’ll work on getting good flying small ships.

    I’d like to say you just sound like you need a break. Maybe the truth is that you’ve just outgrown RVB. Whatever you choose, though, the key to playing a game is that you are having fun. Once a game stops being fun, there’s no reason to keep playing it. o7

  12. Thanks for all the time you put in. Hope to see you back soon. Can understand your frustrations, tried FCing for the first time today and it’s hard work. Think you have an even fight then the other side does a massive upship. Finally got a fight sorted and someone kills their FC, probably should have specifically said not to shoot him, assumed people woul follow my targets! Best of luck with wherever you go. Always be a home for you with the Reds! πŸ™‚

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