More war decs. It’s ok though, they’ll give us pointers!

Amongst a lot of other things going on (RR Osprey gang in an FFA because *hell yeah*), our good friends in Blue found themselves a war dec from  a corp called “Aurora Reloaded”. In the spirit of “fuck that”, Red counter decced.

We got an evemail through (which has now been posted to corp with another mail, so I consider it public) saying thus;

Hey man,
The reason we are war decing blue republic is only to help our new players get a feel for PvP. We do not wish to grief your members and we will even give pointers to your members we the war progressess. Thanks and best of luck.

They’ve offered to give us pointers! How fortunate are we, guys?

The dec kicked off whilst I was sleeping, but two major battles have already taken place! The first was a skirmish in Alikara. Fairly standard fight. We won, but had numbers.

The next fight was in Jita.

I’d call that a fairly major wipe.

Since we kinda beat them, we decided to send them some pointers too!

Hey man,

The reason we came to Alikara and Jita to curb stomp you was to help your new players learn how to update clones and get new ships. We also don't plan on griefing you guys and if you and/or your members would like some pointers of what has gone wrong so far here ya go: 

-Blackbirds are awesome, especially short range
-We are easily distracted by chances to pod
-Loki's are easy kills
-Sniper Tempests are awesome up close
-Pods cannot instawarp don't be too upset about dying in them often
-Warping to 0 and 100 to celestials is pro
-Orphanage is good at killing things in jita, if you have that much isk/neutral ships you could be too

Thanks for the kills and the free stuff and best of luck.


There’s a second war dec about to go live against Reds. Some nulsec alliance called “Not Found.”

The thing is, it appears these guys are fail-cascading.

See for yourself.

Will they bring us fights? Will it be a fail dec? Will I get another pod kill? Will I have bacon for lunch? Who knows?

Time to wait and see.


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  2. Not Found are the guys who took over our Providence constellation (renters/friends of Evoke iirc) after we moved back to NPC space. I guess with Evoke gone off to do other things and Providence handed back to CVA, Not Found have found themselves a little lost (if you’ll excuse the pun)!

  3. I think their email to us wasn’t meant to be condescending. That said, while the fight in Jita was pretty bad, I did have some fun a bit later in Vellaine (even in my failfit Kestrel). 😉

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