RvB “Sink the Bismark” Event ends with a Blue victory!

Last night saw the final “Birthday event” for the second anniversary of RedvsBlue in its current iteration.

The premise was thus: Red had a Flagship (the Bismark) which we had to escort from Point A, which was unknown to Blues, to point B, which was. Obviously we had to try and get it there intact. ECM and T2 Logistics rules were relaxed for the night, allowing us to pull every trick in the book (short of neutral alts and the like).

Picking up a Guardian off our FC and Bismark pilot, Mangala, I joined two other Guardian pilots which would supplement our predominantly armour heavy fleet. From earlier intel we had gathered the Blues would be fielding shield logistics and therefore a shield fleet.

Both sides had limited Battleships, Logistics and T2 ECM boats and everyone had to reship down a ship class on being blown up, so the fight would hopefully progress into smaller ships.

The Red fleet assembled in Veisto, 7 jumps from the destination system. Finally, at 19:30 EVE, we headed out with about 60 in fleet.

We had a lot of drakes for a fleet with Armour logistics

The first kills of the night came courtesy of a couple of Vagabonds we had riding ahead to harass the Blue scouts. One snagged a rifter on a gate, and a Hound was sat 20km off a gate decloaked as our whole fleet landed on him. A Cheetah met the second Vaga as the fleet progressed forward, right up till we received intel of the Blue fleet on the far side of our next gate. Apparently, they had a lot of drakes.

Some maneuvering on our part managed to have the Blues fall back to Vuorrassi, which was a chokepoint on the route we needed to take. Bugger. We responded by having our faster ships nail a stray Blue Drake.

Scouts told us that the Blue fleet were solidly camped in Vuor, spread all round the gate with a pair of ECM scorpions a good 80-100 km off, 3 Basilisks at 0 and Drakes everywhere.

However we had no choice in terms of what to do. We needed to go through this system. Mangala called a leeroy.

The fleet warped to 0 on the Vuor gate and jumped. The fleet decloaked as primaries were called and I burnt myself (and the two other guardians orbiting me) downwards to escape the initial clusterfuck. DPS came in fast and strong as well as jams (one of the Guardians didn’t have an eccm fit) and our cap chain repeatedly suffered. A Red Curse and a billion-isk Ashimmu melted before we could even lock them, as did many ships. Massive DPS was fielded by both sides and on both sides reps couldn’t keep up. Ships exploded left and right and I completely forgot about my Warrior IIs which went off and randomly attacked something.

Jumping into the Blue camp had left us at a massive disadvantage – the Blue Battleships were all at range and we were unable to lay significant DPS down on them so they never got taken down.

As ship after ship exploded the enemy fleet tried several times to take down our Guardians but failed whilst the Reds managed to nail two of the 3 Blue Baslisks, the other jumping out and escaping.

25 minutes into the fight, over half our Battleships were down and this allowed the Blues to attack the Bismark herself. As she was primaried, jams went off on one of the Guardians, our cap dropped and Mangala’s hull buckled under the might of the Blue guns.

The flagship was down.

Still people were pouring into the fight in ever smaller ships and neutral salvagers were picking the loot clean. Neutral after neutral went flashy looting the expanding battlefield but neither side could switch DPS fast enough to nab them.

This is about 35 minutes in

45 minutes into the fight, it became apparent we were getting our arses kicked. The two enemy Scorpions were annihilating our Logistics efforts and Blue had most of their Battleships still on field. We called bail.

However, Blue had established tackle across all three Guardians and we finally exploded as jams went off on the other two Guardians as we were primaried by the whole Blue fleet. I exploded in a glorious fire.

The battlefield afterwards

We posted the kills, and got our results back.

Kills: 54 (3.05B ISK)

Losses: 108 (7.03B)

We had been thoroughly beaten but I don’t think one single pilot did not enjoy the fight. As far as I know, this was the single largest RvB fight ever. If not the largest, certainly one of the most expensive!

My thanks go out to Mangala Solaris who came up with the idea for the event, planned it to a T and then went on to lead the Red fleet. My thanks also go to David Farruget (the Blue CEO) who led a stupidly effective fleet against us!

Oh, I checked the map afterwards for “Most ships killed in the past hour”.

We win.

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  1. Great fun 🙂

  2. Sounds like a bloody good larf. Nice write up as usual Tg! o7

  3. can’t belive i missed it-can’t wait for number 2 though

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