Uni ends the dec and RvB Ganked Night 4!

So we may have caused some tension with the Uni.

Apparently hitting their POS while they were in Providence helping Chribba was a bit of a bad move. Both sides expressed their dislike of the decision but I am happy to report that the situation is resolved. Primarily due to the fact that Uni dropped the war halfway through our POS Bash. Dammit.

The war has fully ended by now and most bad blood has been resolved through discussions on the Eve University forum and through Director private chats in-game. If you’re interested, the forum thread regarding the end of the war can be found here onwards.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about the Mong’s Marauder’s war!

Mong's Marauders Retracts War Against RvB - RED Federation
Sent: 2011.09.22 16:36 

The war between Mong's Marauders and RvB - RED Federation is coming to an end. Mong's Marauders has retracted the war against RvB - RED Federation. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours.

Okay, let’s talk about the Pinked war then!

Pinked Retracts War Against RvB - RED Federation
Sent: 2011.09.24 20:52 

The war between Pinked and RvB - RED Federation is coming to an end. Pinked has retracted the war against RvB - RED Federation. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours.

Oh. Well then. Nevermind.

Ok, let’s talk about RVB Ganked Night 4; Run Rifter Run!

Despite all the excitement of the Uni dec over last week, we still managed to get over 100 pilots to attend last nights’ Ganked night, and what a night it was!

100 brave rifter hulls headed out at 20:00 EVE Time to our inevitable deaths, joined by many neutrals from corps such as Agony Unleashed, Lone Star Exploration and Black Rebel Rifter Club. It wasn’t long before we chanced upon a manticore who bombed us on a gate, taking down two rifters but dying horribly himself.

Our first major target was a lone Abbadon class battleship who we all gleefully and drunkenly engaged at 1000m orbits.

I bet you can guess what happened next?

SMARTBOMBS. Myself and about 27 other Rifters exploded hilariously, pods and all. The Baddon was finished off but we had lost a good 1/4 of the fleet in the process.

Waking up in Red HQ, I logged till such a point were the rest came back for a second run out. I regretted it moments later.

[ 2011.09.24 21:01:28 ] Captain Hurrdurr > Just so you know.
[ 2011.09.24 21:01:31 ] Captain Hurrdurr > i got your corpse TGL.
[ 2011.09.24 21:01:37 ] tgl3 > BASTARD


The fleet then went on to engage a Scythe Navy Issue fleet of Hydra Reloaded and scored a convincing number of kills, causing a fucktonne of ISK damage in the process including killing an alt of one of the Blue team leaders. Take that GreenYoshi!

Battle Report.

After being informed by Mangala and Azual on twitter that I had missed some epic kills, I immediately logged back on and grabbed a second Rifter to join the now 70-strong fleet regrouping for another run.

Eventually we went out again and ran into a LAWN camp in the nulsec entry system of M-0EE8. Fortunately for us, something went wrong with their “GTFO” procedure and we snagged a Vagabond, followed by a Dominix. A Jaguar flailed but couldn’t escape and a Cane followed shortly, the pilot messaging me on twitter afterwards commenting on our frig blob. We grew even more surprised as a pair of Drakes came back to the gate but got themselves caught in their own warp disruption bubbles. Needless to say, they died.

Oh, and then a Badger came through.

For all of this, we lost one rifter. Awesome!

Battle Report.

A few systems later we saw a cyno in system. With no scouts, Mangala warped us straight to the cyno because what could happen. We ran into CSM member Elise Randolph in a Purifier and did what we do best. Blew it up.

Two jumps later had us on a station shooting it for lulz when a large gang from Fatal Ascension dropped in, so we ran to the gate and reformed to DIE IN A GLORIOUS FIRE.

Not enough dps 😦

And die in a glorious fire we did, snagging only one kill for a whole fleet wipe. Their logistics proved too much for us to break 😦 Good work there FA!

With that that, I logged for the night.




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  1. Now I know why EUni took down our recruitment thread in their forums 😛

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