Targets! Targets everywhere!

Red Federation now has 3 third party decs! \o/

The war with the Uni is ongoing but we struggle to meet their numbers, particularly against their fast reships and when jumping into their gatecamps as shown by the second major fleet engagement of the war, which ended with us camping in Aldrat with a 40 man fleet and E-Uni on the outgate with about 70. We grew bored and did what RvB do best and Leeroy’d straight into their gatecamp with a couple of the other Uni WTs helping out. Battle report for that can be found here.

As a result a lot of our tactics right now involve hunting across High Security space and using our excellent solo/small gang pilots to pick off the blob one ship at a time. It’s working rather well and we should see another large fleet engagement soon.

The second war is against the Pinked alliance whose last dec the other week resulted in them cancelling the dec and running off to nulsec. A rule breaking Red pilot was kicked from our corp and he promptly joined Pinked and evidently spurred them to declare war for the second time. We didn’t have Blue cross-dec because it wasn’t needed for such a fail Alliance;

So we killed a failfit vexor. And an overdrive fit Hyperion. And a Stabber using a Dramiel. Then an overdrive fit Dominix. Then an overdrive fit Vexor Navy Issue ratting in Lowsec. Then a snipe (I think) fit Moa. Then a Rapier. All we lost was one Sigil and a few t1 frigs. Nice to see their second dec is a lot more fail than the first.

The third dec is up against a corp called “Mong’s Maruaders” which Blue cross dec’d.

The first engagement killed one of their Neutral RR ships, so that went well. A battle through New Caldari and into Jita killed their Rapier before we grew bored of the 3 or 4 neutral RR repping them on 4-4 undock, so we left with no losses.

We lost a Rook in a fleet engagement with them overnight, but scored a variety of kills including another Neutral RR ship. If you’re going to use neutral faggotry, Mong’s, do it right.

So Thursday will hopefully bring us war targets by the hundreds as Red and Blue enjoy a shared faildec, the Uni dec and Red get to shoot Pinked again. Heck, if push comes to shove we can always shoot each other…

But that’d be just odd, right? 😉

P.S. Two of my corpmates have started blogs. Mangala (who totally never FCs) writes a battle report of the first Uni engagement and laments on faildecs here and Ankad writes up the latest RvBvUni fight here. Check them out!

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  1. Yeah, suddenly we have even more of a target rich environment that before, I love RVB so much that I honestly never FC!

  2. It is a beauty isn’t it? And Mangala never FCs I can second that.

  3. Innar Mong of Mong’s Maruaders came second in the EON Frigate tournament, 1 place after me that was 😉

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