Regarding my thoughts on E-Uni

Before this war started, I had a great deal of respect for E-Uni. I was under the impression that they were a good learning corp for the world of EVE. I reccomended it to my friends trying the game and to others joining RvB without a clue with what to do.

However, this changed literally overnight. As we roamed about in the RvB Purple fleet, we couldn’t help but noticed that E-Uni had issues with engaging anything that they didn’t outnumber massively. Not too much of an issue, that’s just the way EVE works but it did bug me that this didn’t seem to teach much.

This was compouded today, when EVE Uni proceeded to camp their own system with about 80 ships. All day. They left the system once, and only went 6 jumps for about 10 mins before turning back.

Now, this is my own opinion, but I fail to see what this teaches? If they’d have split into 3 or 4 smaller fleets and roamed, WT fleets would have engaged, fights would have been had and THINGS WOULD HAVE BEEN LEARNT.

There also seemed to be previous few Uni solo’ers. I counted about 2. Compared to RvB which had about 20/25 guys roaming all over Uni space looking for solo fights, well…

I understand that E-Uni is *not* RvB, but it makes no sense to me that the Uni would continue to encourage these massive not-doing-anything blobs. It must be very boring and nothing is learned, and this defeats the point in my opinion.  These decs are an ideal time for the Ivy League to get small gang and pvp practice in and they’re basically giving it the finger.

So I lost a lot of respect for Uni today. I won’t be reccomending them, at least not for anything remotely PvP.

Maybe if something changes during the war, perhaps. Like a small E-Uni gang coming to our space instead of all of us having to go to them.


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  1. This is one of the constant complaints I see on the Eve forums about Eve Uni – that they never seem to fly in small fleets, or ever seem to engage unless they have MASSIVELY OVERWHELMING NUMBERS RAWR!!!

    I think they serve a purpose, insofar as getting an idea of what the game is about. However, when it comes to PVP, they’re not really preparing anyone for anything except MAYBE nullsec blob warfare. Don’t get me wrong, RVB has its own share of issues, too.

    I think it’s funny, though. There’s apparently a large enough group of members (in Eve Uni) who complained that the wartime standard operating procedures (WSOP) weren’t necessary, that they were too restrictive, that the Eve Uni leadership finally suspended them for a month and war-decced a bunch of known PVP corporations to teach their membership a lesson. What happens? All of a sudden, Eve Uni members seem to be following the WSOP without any issue whatsoever because big bad PVPers are out to get them. 😉

    • Aye we definitely have our problems too. It is extremely odd that the Uni follow WSOP now that it’s dropped. This has been pointed out many times, and it’s amusing each time it is 🙂

  2. It is still early in the 30 day no SOP experiment.
    I am interested to see what types of E-UNI ships are blown up in 2 or 3 weeks. That assumes the complainers haven’t dropped corp already.

    I don’t think E-UNI has ever presented itself as a pvp trainer other than trying to just cover the basic mechanics. Attempts at more advanced and interesting training have bumped up against the Rules of Engagement and more experienced and interested pilots moving on. It can be very hard to find solo and small gang fights with the E-UNI tag, residents of the local area assume you are bait for the blob.

    I don’t really disagree with your points just making some comments that its not always as easy as it seems to find the right path. I will still point new players toward E-UNI unless they state that they are interested in PvP only. Then I point them toward Agony Unleashed, RvB, pirate corps and null sec.

  3. E-Uni teach everything, except PVP. They teach the theory, but if you want to learn PVP E-Uni isn’t the place to go (and they’re pretty open about that).

    Their main opportunity to PVP (that is, wardecs) is usually spent with the sole purpose of ending the dec as quickly as possible (hence the wartime SOP). It seems a waste to guys like us who play for the fights, but you can see where they’re coming from considering the majority of their membership are not really interested in PVP, and can’t do the things they are interested in if they’re at war. Even though WSOP isn’t enforced, for most of them that’s the only kind of PVP they know, and it’s also relatively risk free – give someone a choice between a low risk option that they know and a high risk option that they don’t… and it’s not surprising which one most of them pick!

  4. I believe you missing the tag from the beginning of your post, its ok its a rookie mistake, I’ll forgive it :).

    From my experience this will always be the case with alliances/corps this large, the majority will band together because its just human nature.

  5. Its important to understand that for years the uni doctrine during wars has been defensive. Its designed to make wars go away by overwhelming force, reducing losses and making the war as annoying as possible to the enemy. It works, but you cant really expect several years of teaching to just disapear as its in the dna. The style is the polar opposite of rvb.

    I learned alot regarding fleet doctrine in the uni and a huge amount from rvb related to flying solo. I would always tell people to join the uni who have no idea of the basics of pvp and then move on.

  6. Damn life has been kicking my ass recently 😦

    Hope your war with EvE Uni goes well ,and does not result in too many of “tgl3’s Rifter” being destroyed hehe.

    Almost feels like I’m playing the game just reading your blog.
    Fly Safe

  7. E-Uni was the inspiration behind the creation of OUCH, which teaches nullsec survival and PVP – things that E-Uni just doesn’t do. We also have our Wartime Operations Policies, but they involve setting in motion methods by which wars are won, rather than avoiding combat altogether.

    While avoiding combat has its place in our operations, it’s usually due to tactical and strategic objectives to help us maintain control of any war, rather than being at the mercy of any aggressors.

    I sometimes wonder if E-Uni tries the same thing, but fails to take advantage of it…

  8. I think it’s unneighbourly that they sit in and around Aldrat and expect people to fly 10-20 jumps to come get them. The Uni should be sending some fleets up to RvB territory to return the favour.

    • Turns out they did. At midnight. When we have about 20 active. The gits 😀

    • The wars were not declared in order for the uni to aggress, they were declared in order to simulate a situation in which the uni War SOP did not exist (based on past experience). Even though the University pushed the “Declare War” button, the idea was to demonstrate a defensive situation and many in the university are responding to that by “protecting their home”.

      • Makes sense. However they still had the numbers to send out smaller gangs rather than stay in the Aldrat area. Just seems like a missed opportunity.

  9. I agree. I am rather surprised that more were not run by some of our senior FC’s, but after talking to some of them, they were getting so many kills in the Hek-Aldrat pipe they didn’t feel the need to continue on.

    I’d have loved to taken out some smaller-gang roams against you RvB guys but alas, i had to work (out of town travel).

  10. As a member of E-Uni who has never complained about the WSOP, I voted to reinstate it and have mostly followed it. Personally, I would love jump into my cheap combat clone then go with a fleet missioned to find WTs in their home systems and blow them up/get podded, but when others are bringing the fight to my doorsteps in Metropolis, why should I leave my comfy home? Also, like others have posted, in my experience with the Uni, we get taught Eve theory (PvP, WH Systems, Missioning, Mining, PI, etc.) then the rest is up to us to go form fleets (within certain restrictions) and learn by doing. I will say that I have no problems with the POS bash, I was kind of surprised that it hadn’t happened sooner.

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