How not to use logoffski, taking down a Mega and why to check for Wars.

After incursioning for a couple hours (and getting my hookbills first solo kill, followed by a second), I returned to the RvB systems to find that we had a WT online again in his “warp at 100km, snipe and run” Muninn that had failed to dent my Vexor the previous night. Best get hunting then.

How not to use logoffski

A small Purple fleet formed and probes were deployed in Hageken, shortly finding him at a safe. Sadly, he was pre-aligned and warped as we landed about 5km away. Dammit.

Our frig gang was not to be deterred, and we gave chase to the next door system of Usoko (or something), only to find 2 more War Targets in a Thorax and Rifter off gate, with the Muninn warping to join them. They all scarpered, and we noticed the Thorax and Rifter were part of a new corp to the WT alliance.

Why join an alliance at war with RvB? Who knows?

We followed the Muninn to Piekura, only to see him warp off to the Korama gate before our eyes.

Fortunately frigs warp fast so we kicked it in gear and, with an Arazu now with us, warped to the gate.

We landed before him, and we knew we had him.

If he aggressed on gate we’d kill him and if he jumped through we’d catch and kill him there. Myself and another Punisher aggressed to force a jump, and the others jumped as the Muninn did.

My watchlist flashed up as the pilot logged off. Ohmygodthisisawesome.

The pilot had 15 minutes of aggression against him so we cackled madly as the Muninn decloaked for emergency warp on the Korama side and was blown sky high.

His pod emergancy warped, but our trusty Arazu pilot had probing capabilities. We scanned the pod down 1,000,000kms off gate (with the pilot STILL offline) and proceeded to let everyone whore on the kill before we sent him to the medbay.

He logged in moments later in a medbay in the same system and proceeded to undock a Typhoon which sat on an undock as he told us proudly where he was in local.

In frigs? Nah. Thanks for the lolkill though!

I logged for the night thinking that would be it for good kills, but oh no!

Taking down a Mega

The next day began with myself and another Red frigate camping the Alikara gate in Vellaine. The Red Kestrel warped off to scout, and I was surprised by a Blue Harbringer Battlecruiser jumping in. Without thinking twice, I pointed it with my trusty Hookbill before realising “oh, shit”.

Desperately kiting while trying to maintain point as lasers smashed into my shields, I started yelling for help in corp. Unbeknownst to me, so had the Harby in Blue corp chat. The Red Kestrel arrived to back me up as I went into structure and had to bail.

Blue frigates began arriving in system, and we knew it was too late for backup. Or was it?

A few seconds passed with the Harby surrounded by its Blue buddies when Mangala jumped his Armageddon Battleship into the group. The Blues opened fire as the Harby came under massive fire and myself, the Kestrel and couple more Reds landed to retake the field. The Harby quickly melted and the Blues scattered.

After a brief discussion with the Blue FC who found it “pretty lame” that the Harby needed backup for what turned out to be two frigates, we proceeded to take out a Blue Omen which jumped in, followed shortly by a Thorax which I tackled on a separate gate. The Blues then got mad and dropped a 11 man BC gang on us, and the Omen pilot reshipped to a Megathron.

We established that he was mad.

The fleets separated and we eventually moved back to the Alikara gate and engaged the Blue fleet again, losing our Geddon but scoring a couple of BC kills in the process.

We reestablished again on the Alikara gate, with myself on the Autaris gate to watch for incoming. By this point we had a Scorpion en route from inside Alikara and the Geddon pilot back in his own Megathron sat on the gate itself.

The Blue Megathron was sat on gate 200km from me, and as I considered calling it as a target two blue BCs + a small amount of frigates jumped in and warped to the Alikara gate. The Megathron followed a few seconds later.

Excellent. The fleet landed as our Scorpion jumped in and the Megathron was primaried, only to have it jump out to Alikara which was still a non-combat system.

I positioned myself around the edges of the fight, launching volleys at weak tank frigs and forcing them off field and waiting for the Mega to jump back in, which it did as a Blue Cane exploded. I pointed and yelled on comms and all fire switched to the doomed Battleship. I was mildly amused as the Megathron proceeded to fire its blaster cannons at my 550m/s Hookbill which was orbiting 20km away. Sadly however his Warrior IIs forced me off field but my fleet mates finished the job!

Battle report for the fights.

I logged off for the afternoon to play Minecraft (1.8 go!) and logged back on to see a 35 man purple fleet kicking about.

Why to check for Wars

Seems the War Targets had been seen about. However, the new corp in their alliance was based in Gallante space (in the old RvB system of Alentene, it seemed). With most the fleet spread out Lonetrek hunting stuff down our fastest frigs, including myself, were sent 16 jumps down to standby on a possible War Target Badger moving about.

We were sat for a good 15 minutes out of system before our scout reported movement.

“Ok, the Badger has warped off, possibly a safe, a belt or moon. Checking moon….. nope, still on d-scan towards the belt… oh my god, he’s at the belt mining.”

Comms exploded with laughter and ridicule at the sheer dumbness of this war dec, and we moved the fast frigates in from the surrounding gates to nab tackle.

We landed and lo and behold, there was a mining Badger Mark II. The whole squad grabbed point and orbited as one of our guys tried to ransom for something. Seems the guy was fairly new (<1 month) and we couldn’t get anything, so we told him his corp is bad for joining an Alliance at war with RvB, and blew his Badger up.

We narrowly missed the pod but I saw it warp off to a gate, so I followed in my Hookbill to find the pod sat on the gate. I pointed and opened fire, fully expecting it to jump and yet it didn’t…

Boom baby.

We messaged their CEO, telling him to not be dumb and a) Check if the alliance he’s joining is at war with 2 600 man corps and b) to not be dumb.

And then I went back to Minecraft.

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  1. You play minecraft? Do you play on a server?

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