Roam “report”; RvB Ganked Night 3; Arty Thrashers

Last night saw the third RvB Ganked roam head out with its biggest fleet yet in celebration of 2 years of RvB action!

The fleet began forming in Autaris half an hour before the planned departure time of 8pm EVE. Within minutes we had a CONGA LINE of thrashers, which lasted about 30 seconds as people warped off to get more ammo. Since, you know, fuck reloading and all that.

Out excitement grew as the fleet rocketed past the 50 we had on the first Ganked night and then past the 70 of the second. By the time we moved out, we were sat at a little over 90 pilots, a majority of which in arty Thrashers! (We needed bubbles and scouts too!)

The first unlucky pilot of the night was a flashy drake which, fortunately for him, was quite far away. Nevertheless, we got enough guys in range and he melted.

The fleet continued to grow as we moved into low sec, passing 100 pilots!

We reached the system of K8X-6B where it was reported a small neutral fleet with cap support was idling on a station.

We warped to the station and were amused when stealth bombers began decloaking. Sadly for said pilots, bombers decloaking in bomb range also decloak in the arty range of 90 artillery thrashers. Bombs began falling and bombers began exploding as neutral Battleships undocked from the station with a Nidhoggur. So we did what any self respecting slightly drunk arty fleet would do. We alpha’d a Raven, followed by a typhoon, followed by trying the carrier, but it docked (lol RR mechanics). A second Nid and a Thanny undocked, so we went after a cane, followed by a bunch of stealth bombers (and their pods!) as they decloaked trying to bomb us.

Eventually we grew bored of the carrier nonsense, so we left, but not without noticing a couple of bombers following us…

Battle Report. (It’s pretty awesome)

We docked up nearby for a bio and were treated to someone offering ISK to sing “Happy Birthday” to RvB on comms. Some brave soul started, and by the end the whole damn fleet had joined him. This was topped off by one fleet member taking ISK donations to get his wife to sing it on comms.

Which she did.

As we undocked, we received word that our guys who were reshipping or trying to join us were blockaded by a flashy gatecamp in the lowsec system of Obe. Not to worry guys, ARTY THRASHERS TO THE RESCUE.

Sadly, a local spike of 100 thrashers didn’t do much for the gatecamps morale, and they scattered as we landed on grid. We docked up all at once to wait for the others.

As they arrived, we undocked and set out again!

Awww yeah

It brought a tear to our eyes, especially when we turned off the UI…


Off into nulsec we headed again, sadly not finding much. A couple of stealth bombers were still tailing us, including the Nid pilot from earlier. We held off at a gate, popped bubbles and managed to nab a couple. Sadly, I can’t find the kills since I wasn’t on them. 2 scan res scripts is not enough to lock those things before they pop.

Finally, after almost an hour of empty nulsec, we decided to head for Goon space. We knew they would give us a fight. With the destination set to VFK, we headed off through Tribute.

Upon entering Deklein, we proceeded to spam local as much as possible, attempting to light up every Goon intel channel in existence. I know we lit up local, because I’ve not even seen Jita get spammed that much. We shot at a station in a nearby system to try to encourage a bigger response, and as we did so we noticed some more neutral activity in local.

Excellent. We left the station as it was reported a couple of Goons landing on it, so we knew they knew.

We jumped into YA0-XJ and bubbled up on gate as local spiked from 96 to about 180. Awwww yeah. It was on. Time to die in a glorious fire!

The first casualty was a Hurricane which warped to the gate and got alpha’d, followed by an unlucky Crusader.

Then a Goon “Welpfleet” landed.


We were so outgunned it was hilarious, but we managed to take down a Claymore before we died awesomely. That was it, since most our target callers went down first. \o/

Kudos to Goons for the fight, but kindly remind your members that killed a RvB Ganked fleet doesn’t prove you’re the dominant force in 0.0, as one of your members was bragging about in local shortly after 😉

Battle Report.

With most the fleet back in Highsec courtesy of the pod express, we called it and staggered off to bed.

Tim Pest managed to Fraps the main parts of the roam, here’s a video! WATCH IT.

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  1. Sad I missed it, now. Hopefully I’ll get the next one!

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