How not to: Help Corpmates, Fit a Typhoon Fleet Issue, do RvB.

Friday began as RvB usually begins after DownTime, we had a multitude of frigates roaming about looking for Blues to kill.

How not to: Help Corpmates.

After a couple of hours of various smaller skirmishes the Blues retreated to their HQ, probably never to be seen again. We weren’t going to have that, so I split the 17 (or so) strong Red fleet between the BHQ system of Autaris and the adjacent system of Akonoinen, keeping 7 or 8 Rifters in Autaris. Two of us then went to an insta undock off Blue HQ, where a Blue interceptor ran out to us. Lo and behold, a Blue frigate fleet undocked and warped to him and we sprung the trap. Those on gate were already in warp and the rest of the fleet was jumping into the system.

Long story short, we won the fight BUT THEN one of the Blue pilots undocked a Myrmidon and warped it to a wreck at the battle site, with about 10 of his frigate buddies reshipped and waiting on their station.

Then the oddest thing happened; the other Blues didn’t warp out to help the Myrm.

The result was the Myrm being picked apart by the Red fleet, and its death signaled the end of the fight. We looted and got the fuck out.

How not to: Fit a Typhoon Fleet Issue

Half an hour passed and we received word of Blues undocking big shit. We had reports of a Legion, Typhoon Fleet issue, Recons and so on. Turns out a neutral tengu was flashy to them on their undock and they were trying to kill it (it obviously kept docking).

It shortly dawned on our fleet that this shiny stuff was agressed. Oh boy. A mass reship to BattleCruisers was called and we awaited some more intel.

We got some.

[ 2011.09.02 15:44:12 ] Captain Hurrdurr > Oh my god.
[ 2011.09.02 15:44:19 ] Captain Hurrdurr > Im looking at this typhoon fleet issue fit LOLOLOL
[ 2011.09.02 15:44:27 ] tgl3 > Is it bad?
[ 2011.09.02 15:44:35 ] Captain Hurrdurr > It has 1400's.
[ 2011.09.02 15:44:39 ] Captain Hurrdurr > With trimarks.
[ 2011.09.02 15:44:48 ] Captain Hurrdurr > with shield extenders
[ 2011.09.02 15:44:53 ] Captain Hurrdurr > and HML 1's.
[ 2011.09.02 15:45:24 ] Captain Hurrdurr > He has it double tanked.

I couldn’t believe it. Was he really that badly fit? Only one way to find out.

One of our pilots, Bruce Doom, had moved over to Blue HQ in his frigate and was consistently getting aggressed by the Typhoon. Our fleet was ready. Time to spring the trap.

Bruce undocked a final time, got agression and grabbed tackled. The order was given to jump and warp, and jump and warp we did.

What happened was one of the best moments of my RvB career, and judging by another channel, Captain Hurrdurr’s too. We landed on grid as Bruce finally went down and proceeded to blow the living hell out of the Typhoon. It didn’t last long.

[ 2011.09.02 15:49:26 ] Captain Hurrdurr > LOLLOOLOLOL
[ 2011.09.02 15:49:36 ] Captain Hurrdurr > YES GUYS
[ 2011.09.02 15:49:38 ] Captain Hurrdurr > I FUCKING LOVE YOU.
[ 2011.09.02 15:49:40 ] tgl3 > <3
[ 2011.09.02 15:50:24 ] Captain Hurrdurr > Oh my god.
[ 2011.09.02 15:50:27 ] Captain Hurrdurr > That was amazing.
[ 2011.09.02 15:50:29 ] Sayyahdina > [15:50:07] Baal Zann > Fucking cocksucking motherfuckers
[ 2011.09.02 15:50:56 ] tgl3 > Hahahahahha
[ 2011.09.02 15:51:00 ] Captain Hurrdurr > Im laughing so hard right now you have no idea.


We proceeded to “wtf” at the fit and moved off to reship back into frigates, hoping for some more frigate action.

Except not.

How not to: RvB

Some time later, with not a lot happening in the interval, A corpmate reported a Rupture on a station in Akon. A couple of fleeted frigs landed on field with him and they engaged the Blue. As more of us landed, it looked all roses since local only had 3 Blues. We were surprised as hell when two neutral Basilisks undocked and started repping the Rupture.

What. The. Fuck.

We switched to attacking one of the now-flagged basilisks but the RR was too much to break and the Rupture was tearing through our frigs despite a couple of Blues arriving and helping as well, so we ordered in the big guns.

Mangala arrived in his Apoc and blasted the seven hells out of one of the Baslisks, forcing it to dock. The other Basilisk followed shortly and at that point the Rupture was ours.

Neutral RR is outright banned in RvB (against each other) so I made the call to catch the Rupture pilots pod and give him the quick route back to a station. The Rupture melted and his pod followed. He was shortly kicked from Blue. Great success.

I’d had too much “wtf” for one day, so I called it for a while and logged out, contented with the days actions.

P.S. A corpmate made a fantastic video/montage of RvB. Check it out!

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  1. The pains of losing 425million isk worth of terrible typhoon :’ [

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