Back in the saddle

After much frustration moving house everything is now sorted, the internet is connected and I’m back in game.

The new “no-session-timer-when-switching-ships” thing has been a massive boon so far in that I can fit up about 20 merlins in the space of about 20 seconds. It also enables super-fast reshipping, which kicks arse.

Ship wise, I sold my Falcon (which saw 0 usage) for a Curse (which will probably see 0 usage) because damn the Curse is sexy, and I lost my 4th and final Myrmidon to a vastly superior Blue BC fleet which is a bit of a shame since I now have no BattleCruiser capabilities and lack the ISK above my “safety net point” to buy a new one.

Otherwise RvB is as its always been and I’m happy to report we’ve had a lot of newer pilots step up to FC when I can’t be arsed, which is extremely nice!

Finally, RvB is approaching 2 years old and will be holding two GankED nights to celebrate. The first has been announced as an Arty Thrasher roam on Saturday 10th September. Find the details here, join up and have a damn good time!

I hope to have some battle reports and screenshots involving explosions soon, so fly safe!

Posted on September 2, 2011, in Corporations, General stuff, RvB. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Damn you scheduling your ganked nights when I can’t make it! =P

    I wondered why you weren’t around for our super-awesome FC class and roam. I hope it’s played a part in encouraging a few more people to take up the reins.

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