If bored…

There are two things I have discovered today to do when bored.

The first: Sit on a gate leading to Jita.

A Red fleet was camping the gate waiting on a War Target, and I found my merlin was more fail fit than usual. So I went into Jita to refit it. Upon jumping out to rejoin my fleet, a neutral Thrasher locked me up, scanned me, then unlocked.

No big deal.

Except it was, because we were going to have a small laugh. We started bumping the guy off gate and this lasted for about 5 minutes.


[18:09:58] Shillien Rimmel > yo, you do your business, i do mine, now fuck off.

He sounds mad.

We keep doing it, when SUDDENLY he suicide ganks a nearby shuttle. Many laughs are had. The wreck is not looted. So one of our guys nabbed it.

A researched BPO Drake. Cheers, random suicide guy! Iskies for us!

The second: Go over to the EVEOGANDA Blog and, after reading through his excellent posts, proceed to laugh your arse off at the fail troll comments. Rixx blogs about what he wants to (you know, since it’s his blog) about his corp and people emorage at him. Oh, EVE. You consistently prove that there are those in your game that are completely retarded,

Entertainment for the day.

Also, http://redfed.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=10295705

(P.S. Battle Reports and FailDec reports coming soon)

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