Epic fights and raging ex-corpmates

I took a day off missioning which provided me with a much needed break that I mentioned in the previous post. It also made ISK, which is nice!

I jumpcloned back to find that 3 Blues had been kicked for a variety of reasons, the main one being that these 3 continuously used “gank” ships to score easy kills (arty canes against frigs) and repeatedly crashed fleet fights with larger ships (dropping cruisers into a frig fight, for example) and despite multiple warnings continued to do it and as such were kicked.

Obviously we abused director roles in doing this and we all suck, so they’ve set up a corp and war dec’d us. Good, we’ve been wanting one for a while!

Last night saw a series of frigate fights which all kicked arse. The first 3 involved about 20 aside (and we won them) then we had  massive brawl in Hageken. Both sides continuously reshipped till by the end there were at least 100 wrecks on the field. We had about 60 kills to 50 losses.

Oh, and RvB is currently running a Tech 1 Frig Hull weekend! “Back to Basics”

Should be excellent fun!

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  1. I’m just going to leave this here

    [ 2011.07.07 17:26:07 ] tgl3 > kao, can you not join a fight with a damn gila?

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