Kill milestone and FC Burnout

Today (actually, yesterday because it’s 1am) I hit the 1000 Real Kills (non noobship/shuttle) milestone.


The day started off in a negative fashion. An hour of scanning nearby systems for Radar sites had netted me no ISKies and upon my return to Red HQ there was a Blue BC/Cruiser fleet already camping. *sigh*

Join fleet, get Megathron, undock overwhelming firepower, enemy run, assume command of Fleet, reship to frigs, off we go!

The Blues are all over, so I decide to camp in Akon on our own system’s gate. A good move, because an Arbitrator came through. The Arbi promptly exploded. Then a Hurricane came in. Boom. Myrmidon? Very nice tank (I adore triple rep myrms) but boom.

All within 15 minutes of each other yet none reported us to the other Blues. *sigh*

Moving the fleet to the Autaris gate we had a tank Thorax jump in, followed within minutes by a Harb and a Cormorant, followed by a Caracal, followed by another Myrm, followed by a Drake.

So many kills! Battle Report:

We hung round on a gate for a further half hour before eventually moving round into Vellaine and into the BHQ system of Autaris. We then sat in a belt for 20 minutes advertising our presence in local to the Blue fleet who were sat at a Safe. Who then accused us of playing Hide and Seek.

Haha. No.

I got bored of waiting and had us warp near the BHQ station. Eventually a Blue Slicer ran in close (close for them, 25km) and in came their fleet with 2 more people than us, 2 cruisers and a fucking slicer and kiting hookbill  to boot. Needless to say, we lost.

A merlin during the fight was my 1000th kill, so huzzah! \o/

I log in later in the day to find a pair of Blue ‘canes warping in and out of our HQ grid, sniping at frigs then warping off. So we undock sniper BS’s which they proceed to complain about. Of course. After an hour of nothing happening I took us out in Frigs, leaving the Blue “clique” (which was now in 2 taranis, a kiting hookbill and a slicer) to go actually fight something. We engaged a Blue fleet on a nearby gate and we won by about 2 guys. You know, the 2 guys that we would have lost by if the Blue “clique” had bothered to stop picking off the new guys and helped their corpmates. But anyway…

The Blue fleet disbanded, meaning all we had left to fight was the kiting aforementioned Frigates. Which never fought, merely swooped in and ganked any outlyers.

No point in having a fleet, so I logged.


Lately I’ve been running a majority of the EU timezone Fleets and it’s getting to me. I know 0.0 guys will read this and think “pshh, 25 guys? In Frigs? That’s nothing” and yet day after day after day it is. I love FC’ing, but with all the bitching and moaning and seeing our guys getting ganked and their guys getting ganked and people not listening and not working together I’m reaching a breaking point. I’m running fleets every minute I’m online (with the exception of the occasional fleet).

I contemplated taking a break from FC’ing but then noone would lead. The other day I didn’t set a fleet up. Guess who set one up instead? Noone. We went 4 hours with no fleet, people claiming “no FC” and asking others to set it up. I was not a happy capsuleer.

I’m not a very good FC by any means. My tactics are primitive and I get annoyed easily but apparently I’m one of the very few that actually bother to try, which is why if I were to stop FC’ing there’d be a problem but if I don’t stop FC’ing I’m going to burn out of RvB completely.

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  1. I know what you mean, even throughout US TZs there an air of sit and whine about no FC without anyone doing anything about it.

    Myself i was raid leader of a top200 WoW guild for 4 years and I main call for my teams in Team fortress 2, Eve Online is like my break from responsibilities and bossing everyone around.

    Don’t get disheartened, maybe try leading some smaller fleets doing something a bit different than just big frigate vs frigate brawls?

  2. Switch it up a bit, if you’re getting burn out. FCing a bunch of whiners (and I recently took my alt out of RvB for that reason…) when all you’re meant to be doing is having fun, gets annoying. So many, on both sides, seem so content to blame everyone else for not having the fun they think they should be having. IMO fleets (at all) break the whole purpose of RvB. Surely a losely formed free-for-all would better suit the format? SO MUCH WHINE about “waaaa, the other fleet has one more cruiser than us.. not fair fight!”

    I hate to sound slightly derogatory, but perhaps try some ‘real’ PVP? Factional Warefare would be a great ‘next step’ up from RvB – and there’s so much more in it when the targets are real, rather than there by consent.

    tl;dr – switch it up, because letting the burnout happen will be worse than anything you think you will lose in the change.

    • Tried FW for a bit, didn’t like it much. Might give it another shot, but I have my eye on lowsec pvp for a potential future move…

  3. Hang in there teeg.

    You were by far the best and most fun FC I flew under when I was in RvB.

    Gratz on the 1k kills bro.

  4. Ah, the curse of RedFed! It’s a pity nobody else is willing to take the reins, I’d heard a bunch of the blue guys recently switched sides so I’d been wondering whether that had changed anything.

    I have to admit, that was something I found frustrating during my stay there – there are times when you don’t really want to FC – you’d like to solo or maybe just fly along casually, but since nobody else is going to do it you have little choice.

    Hopefully this FC class will help the situation – I’m still working out the details but it looks like it’s going to go ahead.

    In the meantime if you need a break, give me a shout – you’re welcome to come out roaming with us. The action isn’t as constant as RvB, but there’s definitely something nice about flying with people who all know what they’re doing and work together as a team rather than it all being top-down.

    Oh, and grats on making the big 1000!

    • Ooh Agony. There’s a tempting prospect! The lack of people willing to step up and FC is a problem, but one slowly being rectified as we convince them to do so 🙂

  5. Comment system eat my comment ?

    Gratz on the 1k kills tgl .
    You were always the most fun FC I flew under.

  6. It always sucks when that kinda of stuff happens. Just don’t let it get to ya.

    I, personally, think RvB would be something fun to do “between” gig’s….such as leaving one corp but not have an idea on another yet, or something like that. I have a hard time seeing RvB as any sort of long time stay.

    FW theoretically would be the next “baby step” but I would personally start looking for a corp that you can actually put time and effort into that will mean something to you later down the road…knowing that your efforts mean something in the long run is a big thing for me. RvB has no “end goal” type of thing to it….so it wouldn’t hold me.

    I know I have invited you, but outside of the social interaction, I think you’d get bored with where we’re at right now. You could always start up your own corp and maybe catch a couple of these RvB people that like you as their FC and get your own thing going…even join our alliance (shameless plug….sorry).

    Just don’t let the burnout happen…..once you hit that wall, you’ll be hard pressed getting that back up.

    Find something you can actually start devoting to. Starting a corp, find one to join, or just go solo even for awhile.

    “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” – Quote from Suckerpunch movie that I loved….dunno if there’s an original source.

    Best of luck to ya TG….feel free to contact me anytime. If anything, I’ll fly out to low or null for some pew pew and could get some corp or alliance mates in on it as well.

  7. Speaking as a 0.0 PVP grunt, I’d like to give you an advice on your alliance’s FC situation.

    In my old alliance we would teach new FCs by letting them scout first. Eventually one or two of them would lead the remnants of a dead fleet home or they would take over target calling. At some point they gained enough trust in the alliance to lead their own fleets. That way we never really ran out of FCs. As soon as you have more FCs, one of you can take a break. Or you could lead fleets together.

    I’m not sure how organized RvB fleets are. If you’re not already having one, get yourself a scout that YOU can trust. Make sure he’s scouting often, so people get used to him (and his voice). The scouting part is just about gaining trust. If he gains a warpin on the enemy fleet, that’s one of the best things that can happen. As he’s in the enemy fleet he might just want to call the first few targets, because HE is already there and you’re still in warp.

    At that point he’s probably ready to lead his own fleets.
    Ah, yes: gratz on the 1k kills \o/

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