RvB GankED Night – Rifters errywhere

Tonight was the first ever Red vs Blue public GankED night. And it was awesome.

The premise of the GankED night was thus: Bring a Rifter hull. We go to nul-sec. You do not return with your ship. Shoot everything not fleeted.

We formed up the fleet at about 19:30 EVE time in the Blue system of Autaris. Some of the Blues were out in force station camping the new 3rd party war decs, so we were missing a few of them. By the time our RIFTERS were together, we had about 51 pilots, with about 10 being neutrals. Fuck yeah.

Off into Lowsec we went en route to Tribute, looking for fights. Upon jumping into the Nul-Sec entry system of M-OEE8 we encountered some BUBBLES which until very recently had played host to a gatecamp. Sadly, they ran away as we jumped in. Boo.

Moving onwards, we saw some rats off a gate and went to pewpew. Unfortunatly this meant moving off gate and as we did so, Chribba came past in a Tengu. Missed him!

There's a neutral in the system...

Further into 0.0 space we went, hoping to meet up with Azual of Agony Unleashed in the next few jumps.

Then epicness went down.

We jumped into N-FK87 and were met with a a T3 Cruiser+Logi gang.

With one aim in mind, we decloaked and engaged. We knew we couldn’t win, but we would die taking down some expensive shit.

A scimitar was called and it fell in mere seconds to the autocannon onslaught. Second was a Stabber Fleet Issue who melted. Next up was an unlucky Tengu who boasted a hell of a tank that took a solid minute or so to chomp through. However, he too died horribly shortly followed by a Loki. We started on a Loki but couldn’t break his tank, so we obliterated the last scimitar to try and weaken it. Sadly by this point we had about 7 on grid and we knew that that was it.

Oh, and we did meet up with Azual. Technically.

[ 2011.07.22 20:26:02 ] Azual Skoll > caught up with fleet, promptly died


2 of us, myself included, got out with our Rifters and back to High-sec despite the camp in M-OEE8. Unfortunately, I fucked up and drifted off an undock in Autaris and got killed by someone who had kill rights on me from the other week.


We slowly began regrouping for a second run, this time opening the fleet to “any ship you want”.

Something odd happened when a Red member in the fleet engaged and destroyed a Blue ship and pod that was also in our fleet. Podding isn’t allowed between Red and Blue, so we immediately primaried him and blew his pod into a thousand pieces and booted his arse too. The Blue pilot was afk as well, and confused as hell when he returned. The ex-red posted this in r-v-b just before we kicked him.

[ 2011.07.22 21:09:47 ] Storeslemm > got poded

Yes. Yes you did.

Some years later, we finally had the full fleet assembled and headed out in a different direction. We came across precisely nothing except an afk dominix (we think) and a stealth bomber that decloaked on a station.

As we moved past our old battle site, one of our members who had dropped back a couple jumps took a slightly different route to reach us and died to a camp.

Revenge must be had.

We shifted into top gear and warped to the system, trying and failing to catch a Dramiel that was nearby in the process. As we jumped into KLY-C0 and warped to the gate, we found nothing. As most of us landed, someone called that the Dramiel had engaged on the gate we’d just warped from. We fleetwarped back and all hell broke loose mid-warp.

“Cane. Two canes warped in. Agressed.”

We landed mere moments before the enemy fleet. A HAC/BC heavy gang from Raiden. and the NC.

Let the fun begin.

Our FC starts rattling off targets and I see a few targets go down but within a mere minute my Rifter is primaried and promptly blown up. It seems the enemy fleet had primaried our Frigates in an attempt to stop their Vagabonds being tackled. It didn’t work, as we took down two of them within short order, our two Battleships ripping holes in their hulls.

We obviously lost the fight but we did damn well against such a force. Great fun and kuos to Mangala whose FC’ing brought us a much better result than I anticipated.

Battle Report: http://redfed.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=10211987

(I have a short video of this one uploading now, but it’s taking a while)

That was it for the night, so I warped my pod into a bubble and took the pod express back to Highsec.

Overall it was an utterly fantastic night and a great success for the first RvB GankED roam. I cannot wait for more in the future. Get yourself in one!

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