We’re moving!

RvB is in the process moving from our current HQ systems of Halle and Jurlesel in Everyshore to Autaris and Hageken in Lonetrek. The primary reasons for this move are:

  • Closer to a market hub (Jita is now 5 Jumps)
  • Easier Low access (2 jumps to lowsec)
  • Easier Nul access (4 jumps to Tribute 0.0)

Moving 800 people isn’t easy. To put it one way, a majority of us used the well known Courier corp Red Frog Freight. Red Frog Freight use a scale to indicate how busy they are.

Small – Med- Large – Huge – Kong – *something* – Kraken

We contacted them a day in advance, warning them of the impending move so they hired in a few extra pilots.

Half an hour before we announced the move, they were at Medium. 4 Hours later, they were at huge. I logged on this morning, and they had added a new busy-level onto the end: Cthulu. We were pretty amused.

Once I had sent out a couple of corp wide evemails regarding the move, I began packing my own things. It was a weird sight, seeing my usually busy hanger organised and packaged into containers. Even weirder was the fact that, for the first time in my EVE career, I was to be basing out of non-Gallente space. So far from the systems I had called home for the last year. So far from Dodixie, and my mission Dominix which would not be coming with me. So far from my old still-full-of-relics hanger at Eglennaert.

The HMS Echovald preparing to be couriered

I loaded my crap up into the courier contracts, leaving my old Taranis (flown 4 times in BTEK) as my moving-ship and away it all went. 4 Freighter loads for me. Some corp mates had barely an Iteron III full, whilst others had over 25 Freighters worth.

Joining a “MOVING DAY!” fleet with some corpmates, we chatted our way through the move as I jumped in my Taranis and followed Captain Hurrdurr’s Navy Slicer over to the new battlegrounds. After spending the day making bookmarks, trying desperately to pronounce the system names here (seriously Caldari, WHAT THE FUCK) and generally being asshats as Purple was on for the move duration and we couldn’t shoot Blues, I logged for the night.

This morning brought the pleasant surprise of all my stuff now being in my hanger! Woohoo! I checked all my stuff, rearmed all my guns and jumped into a fleet to prat about since Purple was still on, bar one nearby system.

So we obviously camped said system. With space-cop spaceships.

This yielded the first two kills of the new RvB Battlegrounds.



Shortly thereafter, we discovered one Blue in system. Captain Hurrdurr warped his Dramiel off, calling “Warp to me” 2 minutes later.

Did we land on a Blue? No.

He’d brought us to an NPC site.


Minutes after our crushing victory over the Pirate Scum we got word of some Blues incoming to the system so I hauled the fleet over to the gate. An equal sized Blue fleet jumped into us and we engaged will all guns blazing. Well, as the only Assault Frigate my Wolf was primaried, so I actually just held aggro before jumping in low armor to buy my fleetmates more time. I jumped back into the fight to help finish the remaining ships (kudos to Sayyahdina for stepping up to target call after I jumped out) and we scored a convincing victory. This marked the first RvB fleet fight in the new systems and as someone on comms said;

“I was there”

From one of the engagements

P.S. I was going to write a Frigate small gang guide, but I hit a writers wall. More should come on that front shortly…

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  1. Wth . You’re in a T2 ship ?

    Something must be wrong with my display

    Good to see you guys made it safe and sound . No doubt those evil npc’s used their ecm to create a halo or mirage signature of a blue rep ship.

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