RvB – Night Report – 05/07

So my Tuesday night began with trying to kill a Blue Nemesis that was engaging, along with about 5 other Blues, a Red Maller on our undock. Got it to structure before a Slicer popped me. 😦

There was no active fleet up, so I began setting a Red fleet up and moving away from our HQ in Halle, which still had a few Blues kiting about on it. Damn slicers.

We had about 10 pilots with us, so we moved off into the neighboring system of Bereye, hoping some Blues would follow. They didn’t. After a few minutes of idling, we shifted into the Blue HQ system of Jurlesel, hoping to goad a Blue fleet into action by camping their HQ. After a couple of minutes on their undock, we started getting reports of the Blues moving from Halle into Bereye and Arnatele. So I pointed the fleet back towards Halle, this time coming back through the Arnatele system. Whatever Blues that were here had left system, so I jumped fleet  into Bereye, moving onto the Halle gate, where we toyed with a Hound and a couple of slicers before jumping into Halle proper.

With 5 Blues in local we sat waiting on the gate with our now 17-strong frigate fleet and awaited scout information. A Blue fleet was gathering in Bereye at a safespot so we’d just be waiting for them, since we can’t really touch them at a safe.

Then, in local:

[ 2011.07.05 19:06:04 ] Siigari Kitawa > aw, fuck

A Blue had jumped into us, but we had no idea what ship. Imagine our surprise when a Dominix decloaked. We engaged, getting scrams and webs to stop any chance of him reapproaching the gate.

Then a Hound decloaked and didn’t recloak. 2 Fleet members promptly burnt off to catch him, and catch him they did.

Gentlemen, start your pewing.

The Hound exploded quick, followed by the Dominix. Nice fit…

We rearmed and heading back to the gate, to hear from the Blues that they were looking for a fight, and wondering if we were as well.

Well, no shit.

We jumped into Arnatele, to see the Blue fleet warping off gate to Planet 2.

A planet engagement never goes well for us, and from the looks of it we were outnumbered to boot.

Ah hell, CHARGE!

We land on grid 20km from the Enemy fleet which easily outnumbers us, and charge forward anyway. I call a Rifter and it falls within seconds. The secondary Rifter gets annihilated just as fast. However, at this point, I experience difficulties.

Said difficulties.

We lost, and kind of badly. Good Fights are exchanged in local and r-v-b, and we move back to Halle to regroup.

At this point, my sister calls IRL with train problems or something, so I assign a new FC and log out for a bit.

A loss, but a good fight nonetheless!

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