RvB: A response to a forum post or how it ain’t all rainbows

This post consists of my own opinions and do not necessarily represent that of my corp or alliance. Also I just finished my college exams and am a tad drunk. >:D

It’s no great secret that I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here in RedvsBlue. However, an event has occurred that’s made me step back and anylyze the current situaion.

This forum post.

When I joined RvB a couple months back, there was a lot of fleet fights occuring on gates and a bunch of arranged fleet fights at planets as well as ample solo activity going on. All seemed rosy in RvB land.

So I started FC’ing, then college came up for a few weeks so I stopped. Then I led a few fleets a few weeks ago, and I noticed I seemed to be the only EU timezone Fleet Commander, due to most of the guys off on the Alliance Tournament. Not a problem, fights were still good.

Then I came back to college, and with it lost my connection to EVE Voice. Then all sorts of odd things began starting up.

Reds suddenly had no go-to EU timeone Fleet Commander, where they had been accustomed to doing so. Suddenly, our guys had no *direction*. Then more problems started. Namely the “dock hugging” listed later. Most of the problems from the last 2 weeks are brought up in this froum post, so i’ll address them.

So here we go. Addressing this forum poster’s concerns one by one, as much as I can.

* The no podding rule (yeah, really)

This is the point which raises the most concern with me, since as a relatively low-isk player I fully understand the disadvantage when flying with no pirate implants against those with Slaves or Halos. Ultimately, the no-podding rule is there to protect the players who are new to pvp and may not realise that they need to be getting the hell out. Unfortunately, as pointed out, this benefits the high-isk players who run round with stupidly expensive implants and rolling people in 1v1s. From a personal perspective, I’ve been killed by some of these pilots before in a 1v1. Do you know what I did then? I didn’t 1v1 them again. Sorted.

Ideal? No. Practical? Yes. Whilst getting a risk/reward system involved would be very nice, we’d get far more people leaving over stuff like repeated poddings.

* Fleet boosters

Ah, this old thing. Firstly, as long as people have their fleet boosters on corp, I see no problem with this whatsoever in fleet fights. In 1v1s however, we’ve disallowed fleet boosting and are doing what we can to catch those who do it. Neutral boosters are a whole other matter, and are disallowed in fleet engagements as well as 1v1s. We are doing what we can to stop Fleet Boosters being used in 1v1s, and are encouraging pilots to fleet with their combatant to ensure that this is the case.

* Bridging the SP gap

Now this… is a concern that I don’t really see fully as a problem. We have low SP players, and high SP players and that is EVE. A training corp would detract from the main two corps overall (whilst people might “graduate”, we’d have less coming into the corp proper) and you can drop RvB anytime anyway, so if you *are* low sp, there’s nothing preventing you from dropping and doing something else. Yes, we could do a training corp, but we’d be splitting our command crew up as well as the resources we’re allocating to tournaments and ship programs. It’s a solid idea, but it’s something I don’t think we can do yet.

* Dock hugging fairies

Oh boy. Oooooh boy. This has been discussed to death on our forums over the last 3 weeks, I assure you.

When I stopped FC’ing, as I mentioned above, Reds hit a brick wall. There’s a subtle difference in the two corps attitudes. Reds field a lot more fleet-orienated pilots, whilst Blues have a lot more solo-orienated. With no usual FC, Reds were stuck with no organised fleets and suddenly the Blues came out to play around on our undock, with all the hell that brought. No Reds wanted to step up to the plate either, so we were always running Standing Fleets…

We had stupid-tank Tech 3 ships undocking against what frigates we could field, and faction BattleShips against the larger stuff. We had whining and raging and people just not playing.

And it was a problem.

The logic of “it’s their undock so they can undock anything to try to kill me” doesn’t quite work when we can only field 2, maybe 3 BS against a 300k+ ehp proteus which docks long before we can do anything major.

Note: I lost a scorpion to a Blue Vindicator on our HQ during this time, and the pilot gave me a replacement scorp due to him assuming I would dock, when I could not after aggro’ing a corpmate to test jams.

Now? We have FCs back, and we have had many conversations with pilots bringing the stupid shit to our undocks. The situation is calming down at a quick rate, and if you asked someone who joined up at the start of this week about enemy T3s, he’d be confused as hell.

However, the OP in the forum thread has the solution of having designated battle grounds at planets. I, personally, like this idea a lot, but I feel it goes against RvB in general. We’re trying so hard not to implement more rules, because we’re trying not to restrict people’s experience even if that has the potential to increase other people’s experiences. We have no desire to see RvB turn into a harshly scripted series of battles, nor do we want to force playstyles on people. We don’t want the opposite end of the spectrum either. A playing field dominated by high-sp and high-isk players is not what we want.

So we are doing what we can to stay in the middle. Introducing arenas and similar may come in the future, but right now we’re against it. Regarding the undock hugging, the situation is getting a lot better and the command lot will do what they can to ensure it continues as such.

The OP has some very valid points, but I wish he’d have asked us in-game whilst in the corp (and not posted with an alt, the dumbass) and voiced his concerns without giving a “you vs me” impression that his post is currently generating, since that gets us nowhere.

tl;dr: We know there’s problems, we’re working/have worked to fix it, but by posting on an alt (which is lame) in a slightly negative fashion (which is also lame), the OP has undermined our ability to work the problems out with his personal concerns in mind. It also doesn’t help that he appeared to join RvB at a fairly bad time compared to normal. We’ve been having some excellent fights in terms of both fleets and solo lately.

RvB is not exempt from problems. The nature of it means it’s even more prone to issues than most corps. What I’m trying to say is that people’s complaints are not going unheard. Whilst the OP correctly noted that people have posted on our forums about issues (I was one of them), he failed to mention the ensuing discussions and solutions offered up.

Finally, if you want an actual learning experience rather than hands on “learn by doing”, that is precisely what Eve University is for.

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