A year in EVE – A review

So I’ve finally passed a year in EVE. It’s been a hell of a fun ride! Time to go nuts with the stats!

So what happened in my first year? I found a corp, it disbanded. Founded my own corp, disbanded. Joined another corp (Brightstar Technologies) and left to join my current corp, Red Federation. I’ve done mining, missioning, some PI, some building (very few), some market trading, some Ninja Salvaging, some exploration, some lowsec pvp and a lot of highsec pvp with RvB. I’ve taken part in Live Events and died horribly in a wormhole. I’m yet to get podded, but it’s only a matter of time.

I made a list back at New Year about what I wanted to accomplish in my second 6 months of EVE (in 2011) and I’m pleased to see that I’ve passed all but goals 4 and 5, which no longer bother me with my new home in Red vs Blue.

So, onto the list of stats? I think so!

Over my year;

  • I’ve acquired 15,500,251 Skillpoints.

    Suddenly pie chart!

    • Across 142 skills
    • 1.1mil of which is in Drones
    • 2mil in Electronics
    • 1.2mil in gunnery
    • 0.6 mil in industry (argh!)
    • 1.1mil in Leadership
    • 6.2mil in Spaceship Command
    • 22 skills are Level 5
  • I’ve lost 135 ships
    • 109 of which are frigates
  • I’ve killed 498 Ships
    • 337 of which are frigates
  • I’ve ragequit precisely once.
  • I’ve posted all of 4 times on the forums
  • I’ve been to most of highsec, but practically no nulsec.

    I went thar!

  • I’ve been in 4 wormholes, one of which resulted in my imicus dying a horrible death.

So my first year in EVE was a tough one. But, looking back, it’s been a lot better than a lot of people’s. Many a capsuleer falls victim to pirates, concord, odd game mechanics or pure rage and doesn’t make it this far.  

I’m glad I’ve made it to where I have, and I hope my fun times continue onwards. Let’s see what’s happened by next year!

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  1. Congrats! Great stats by the way. I love this kind if stuff. So, where do you see yourself in EVE next year? New goals?

    • By this time next year? No idea. Possibly in lowsec or maybe even nulsec. To be honest, I thought I’d be in nulsec by this point, but I’m glad I’m not! 😀 In terms of new goals? I’ll have a ponder, but long term things aren’t really my forte. I much prefer making it up as I go 😉

  2. Nicely done – sounds like you’re still having a blast with RVB, so why stop a good thing? Nice catch on the Arazu btw – nothing like manual piloting overcoming adversity (aka decloaking an idiot).

  3. Thanagherion

    Good going man!
    Hope to fly again with you!

  4. Goals ?

    I don’t know the meaning of that word.

    Nice post , you have a good amount of sp in spaceship command damn.
    See You Space Cowboy.

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