Alliance Tournament 9

Well there’s a lot to type and not enough time, so I’m just going to post about Red Federation and Blue Republic’s foray into their first ever Alliance Tournament. The following details are rather short, primarily due to CCP not streaming the matches so my information is limited.

With the misconception on the forums of Red and Blue only being full of T1 Frigate Alts, our guys had a lot riding on them to prove the idiots wrong.

First Round Qualifiers

Blue Republic vs. Outbreak.

In the first qualifier, Blue Republic found themselves up against Outbreak. Fielding 3 Drakes, a Flycatcher and a Caracal, the Blues hoped their raw dps coupled with natural shield tanks would allow victory. Unfortunately, the Tengu-enhanced Outbreak squad made excellent use of their ships and the Blues suffered a complete wipe, only eliminating the enemy Basilisk.

Battle Report here.

Red Federation vs. Perihelion Alliance

In their first match, the Reds fielded 2 Drakes, 2 Feroxs and a Hawk in the hope of killing the enemy before they were killed themselves. Whilst the combined damage of the Red team was enough to kill off the two Perihelion Dramiels that were fielded, the 2 Rattlesnakes held firm against the squad, and the match ended with Reds still having a Ferox and Drake on the field.

Battle Report here.


A disappointing first round for both teams, but is to be expected since it’s our first Alliance Tournament. Both teams learnt a lot from the losses, and resumed training for the second round.

Second Round Qualifiers

In the week leading up to the matches, both teams trained on Singularity. A TEST tengu showed up in the Reds local system, much cries of “SPAI” were had, and it was found and exploded. As such, Red had to assume test knew what they were fielding.

Red Federation vs. Test Alliance Please Ignore

Reds fielded their full 50 points consisting of 2 rooks, 2 bombers and a scimitar. TEST, on the other hand, fielded a much smaller faster force of 3 dramiels and 2 stealth bombers. The real threat here was the bombs of the bombers, but fortunately, one of the TEST bombers got over-eager and… blew himself up with his friend’s bomb. From here the rooks dominated the field, keeping the TEST ships jammed and the battle was won with no losses.

Battle Report here.

Red side Youtube video. (watch in 720p)

Blue Republic vs. The Conglomeration of Ill Advised Ideas

The Blue’s second match saw them fielded against a tengu heavy Conglomeration team, which was fielding under the full points hoping to gain more points in the event of a win. Some issues occurred with the Blues with their initial Logisitics pilot unable to make it and their FC’s computer exploding 30 mins before the match, so replacements were made at short notice and they pressed on into the fight. The Blue’s Oneiros was the first ship to fall a good 7 or 8 minutes in, but in doing so the Conglomeration squad took 2 losses themselves. The teams battled back and forth with noone able to break any tanks and the match ended with a Blue victory, despite not completely wiping the enemy team.

Battle Report here.


The second round was a much larger success for both teams and the morale boost in both corps last night was fairly massive (Blues brought a 30 man frigate fleet to our undock to party, the gits). The Red team now has the potential (depending on other team points) to push on to the next round., whilst the Blue team has not appeared to have gained enough points to proceed.

Amazing work by both teams. Good luck to the Reds to advance, and bloody excellent try by the Blues.

In other news, I’m off to college again so might have time to write up one of the bazillion fight reports I have drafted.

Fly safe!

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