One guy, many alts. This war is a problem.

So we’re at war.

Endeva ragequit Blue Republic. Turns out he had two alts, Raven03 (the Mimir owner) and Badboy Geezer.

He then war decc’d Reds, so Blue retaliated with a dec of their own.

Oh man, is this an odd situation.

This guy decc’d us with 3 accounts. He tripled boxes them and sits with a sensor boosted loki, a rr scorp and a sniper mach ready to warp in on our HQ. He sits and snipers our frigates untill we eventually move to get him, at which point he docks. Or warps.

This itself isn’t a major problem, but we had a sneaking suspicion he had a neutral fleet booster.

The Blues found it, and suicide ganked it. A fleet boosted fitted loki. Epic fucking win, right?

Right, except he abandoned that character and bought another one. We now have his new neutral fleet booster sat on our HQ and the moment we appear with gank BS it docks. Dammit.

Then he brought out a second one in a legion. Two neutral fleet boosters.

Oh, and then he brought out a 3rd neutral alt in RR to assist his own RR when we went for his sniper loki again. GAH.

One guy, at least 6 accounts. 3 of them Neutral. This is beginning to be a pain!

Eventually he undocks a Proteus and agresses. We attack with a mixed BC/BS fleet of 10 or so. He tanks us to shit. We get him to about 3/4 armor and 2 machs warp in at extreme range and practically alpha our gank tempest. We bail.

A later scan puts his Proteus with deadspace hardeners as well as the fleet boosters, giving him an EHP of 850k+

We repeatedly try to trap his snipe loki but he remains one step ahead of us. We know he has a spy in corp, he knows we know and there’s nothing we can do!

We proceed to do some forum hunting and manage to locate at least 9 of his characters. Looks like this guy is PLEXing his way up in EVE and as such an expensive loss isn’t likely to dissuade his personal vendetta against Reds which presents an issue, as that’s how we forced Nova Ardour off.

We’re running low on options but we are managing to keep him docked (lolBS) and proceeding to RvB as normal so it’s all good.

Besides, it’s only t1 Frigates he’s killing.

In other news, I am without EVE voice at college and as such unable to FC or effectively fight in fleets. What a pain.

I’m also approaching 1 year in EVE. Time to think about celebrating!

Fly safe! o/

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  1. So, if I read this right: You destroyed more value than you lost, he docks up when your gangs enter field, yet at the same time RvB operations proceed normally?

    Sounds to me like you are winning.

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