RvB: Best. Fleet. Ever.

Over yesterday evening, we killed an Omen Navy issue, almost got a Mimir, 4 AF, 3 Interceptors, 65-70 frigates, 4 cruisers and 6 destroyers.

Oh, and failed to suicide gank a Dramiel. And scrammed a stargate. And one guy lost 2 ships to CONCORD because he kept undocking before the GCC was up.

Also, we went out in noobships again, and managed to kill a vigil with them.

Right, from the top then.

Note: I was slightly tipsy and as such details may be slightly incorrect

Around 5PM (BST, so 4PM EVE Time), I jumped in-game and upon finding no fleets around, immediately set one up. Tech 1 frigates as usual. About 10 people joined up and off to hunt Blues we went.

Not long after, we end up in the Blue HQ system of Jurlesel. I warp the fleet to a spot 250km off their station, which normally leaves us on-grid of the undock, so we can keep aware of their movements. Not today! By some odd weird-ness, we had accidentally created a new grid and pushed the usual station grid to about 50km from their undock. This allowed us to remain off-grid whilst still observing them accurately with directional scan.

There’s an Omen navy issue out there. I send a scout and we confirm that it’s a character new to the Blue corp (less than one day in corp) and Sayyahdina observes on audio that we’re getting the guy before the day is done. I warp the fleet round a bit and we eventually land back on a small Blue force of a couple of frigates and an Assault Frigate.

Round 1: Red Mixed vs Blue Mixed

At this point we have about 5 people, so we engage and take them down, but more Blues are warping in! It’s a trap! A couple more frigates and another AF land so we shoot shoot shoot.  A fellow Red has landed on us with a cruiser and all hell breaks loose. The Blues that we initially popped land with a Maller and a Rupture, so we pop the Maller.

Said Maller.

Another Rupture lands, which doesn’t concern me greatly. Then a Sacrilege and the Omen Navy issue warp to us.

Oh sod. Bail!

We run away to lick our wounds and reform the fleet. We now have about 12.

Scouts place the enemy fleet at similar numbers.


I take the fleet to Jurlesel again, where the Blue fleet appear to be assembling at a safespot. Not a lot we can do, so we go bump their station FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE.

Then the Omen navy issue from earlier undocks. We shoot it. It re-docks.

So I put into action the worst trap ever. I warp the fleet to the odd-grid from earlier and have 2 frigates wait on station for the Omen. The rest of us align back and wait.

He undocks.

He aggresses.

Round 2: Red Frigates vs Blue Omen Navy Issue

I yell over comms. ENGAGE. I warp the remainder of the fleet to the undock and we open fire in a blaze of glory. The Omen is tough but is going down. It looks like it’s trying to de-agress! We’re going to lose it!

Then it shoots again.

We crow with joy and I call for overheats. A large Blue fleet appears on the overview. INCOMING. The Omen is falling… falling…. GONE. Scratch one expensive ship!

The Blues are well and truly on our faces now with a massive advantage so I call for a burn and warp. A couple of us are caught (including me) but most make it out, so I call the next-door-system of Bereye as a regroup while I head to Halle for a new Rifter.

15 minutes later and we’re out in force to counter that Blue Fleet. We cross jump stargates a couple of times but never engaging. Our scout puts a Thorax with them. One of our pilots (Firewalker) offers to jump into a cruiser to counter it. I agree, and he shoots off to reship.

Our fleet is in Bereye, and their fleet is in Jurlesel. I warp the fleet to the Arnatele gate and within minutes their neutral scout (lol) relays them the information and their fleet jumps in. They land on our gate at 20km.

Round 3: Red Frigates + one cruiser vs Blue Frigates + reshipped cruisers

I ball our fleet in orbit round me and point my ship into theirs. Both sides meet with a clash of frigates. I’m already calling primaries, as is their FC, and frigates are falling fast on both sides.

Our Thorax pilot lands back with us and opens fire. Their cruiser does not appear to be on field, which potentially means we called one upship for no reason. The fight continues for another 5 minutes when the inevitable happens. Whilst both sides pods are reshipping to join the fight again, 4 of the Blues have come back in Cruisers in order “to match our cruiser”. Right.

I call it, since we simply don’t have the firepower to take 4 cruisers and the remainder of our fleet breaks and warps.

At this point a few members of my fleet open the possibility of a Low-sec roam with a combined purple fleet. I extend the offer to the Blue FCs but the enemy fleet is not up for such a venture. So we don’t bother. However it appears the Blues don’t want us going to low-sec on our own and have set up shop on our undock.

Still mildly annoyed with the cruiser situation (as well as the Sacrilege from earlier) I call BCs and below and undock to drive them off. They scatter. We give chase through to Bereye, where. Er. One of our guys scrams the stargate.

Round 4: Red Cruiser vs Stargate


So with much laughing later we re-dock.

At this point several members of the fleet are drinking (some more than others) because it *is* Friday night! So I call a noobship fleet and initiate a drinking game.

If you die, you take a drink. if you get a kill, 2 drinks.



We undock into… nothing. Bah. We sit bemused on our undock for a few minutes while a couple Blues warp to various bookmarks off our station. One of them, in a vigil, decides to chance our noobships of doom.

For great justice!

We get him.

Then something unthinkable happens. Something so incredibly odd, I thought I was drinking something stronger than the alcohol I *was* drinking.

A Blue Mimir undocked.

Then it got better.

It aggressed.

Round 5: Red Noobships vs Blue Mimir

Cries are all over comms. I order half our ships to engage and the other half to jump into a fucking alpha Battleship. We get him to 1/4 armor, and he docks (having waited out aggression)


More noobships are needed.

He undocks again and continues to flaunt his expensive ship. He even switches to an Adrestia at one point and tries it.

Eventually (after about half an hour of trying to shoot everything) a Blue fleet lands on us and kills our poor noobships. We desperately try to engage with whatever we have but to no avail. We reship into frigates and undock to be met with… nothing. They warped right off.


We spy a neutral Dramiel sat 200km off. At this point, a large number of the fleet were at the very least slightly tipsy. It wasn’t long before someone (Sayy…) suggested “Let’s gank ‘im”

Round 6: Red Frigates vs Neutral Dramiel and CONCORD

Sod it. Why not? The problem is, he’s 200km away. One of our fleet has a bookmark out there and warps to him. He’s about 50km ahead. I warp the wing to 50km from the original fleet mate and we practically land on him. However he proceeds to AB away like mad, so within seconds we’re out of our gun ranges. We shoot anyway.

Epic fail. We got about 5% of his shields before CONCORD show up.

Much hilarity is had by all.

[ 2011.04.29 21:20:31 ] EvilDead12 > dicks

Except the guy, obviously.

Blues are still about so I call a reship into T1 frigates. They catch a couple of people using

Oh the humanity!

an interceptor as a warp in, so I order a dock-up while we assemble. There’s a minor skirmish on the station with some of our noobships still involved

We undock the fleet. Blues are above us. 150km or so.

Final round: 18 Red Frigates vs 18 Blue frigates

The Blues drop a container. It’s called “Reds love boys”, which a number of my fleet then confirm in local to much laughter. We warp off the station and align back.

This will be good.

I warp the fleet in. All hell breaks loose. We establish preliminary targets and start up the points. I have to be very quick on the target calling as the targets melt as soon as they’re called. I order immediate reships into frigates if you get blown up, and the fight is quickly spreading out as the Blues chase a kestrel or two we fielded. It seems the Blues are also reshipping (most of them keep ships here in our HQ) and a destroyer or two starts appearing. Targets called first are now back on grid but so are we! We’re desperately fighting and some are now running out of ammo. At least 4 of us start searching wrecks for more rockets! More explosions rattle space as frigates on both sides melt. The fight is now a good five minutes in and it looks like we just have the upper hand.


We take down an interceptor and an assault frigate which arrived on grid. Then a Blue cruiser lands. Two Blue Cruisers. We take down a Rupture as the other one moves to a large range. I call for cruisers as a Vexor lands. However, by the time our cruisers land the enemy cruisers have warped off and we mop up the few remaining Blue frigates.

We won.

Killmails. There's more off the top of the chat...

All of the Blues throw us a good fight in local and r-v-b and we throw them one back. Except for one Blue.

It is with great sadness I write that the Blue pilot Endeva was an absolute tit in both Local and the r-v-b channel.

Apparently, we can’t undock cruisers on our own HQ.

Here’s an excerpt.

[ 2011.04.29 22:24:46 ] Endeva > u reds give rvb a bad name
[ 2011.04.29 22:24:48 ] tgl3 > We brought them as you brought them in
[ 2011.04.29 22:24:58 ] Endeva > u sick of losing thats why u brought cruisers
[ 2011.04.29 22:25:04 ] Endeva > pathetic
[ 2011.04.29 22:25:08 ] tgl3 > umad
[ 2011.04.29 22:25:10 ] Sayyahdina > umad
[ 2011.04.29 22:25:10 ] TwiggyHazz > umad
[ 2011.04.29 22:25:10 ] Dirkie Diggle > umad
[ 2011.04.29 22:25:12 ] osoII > umad?
[ 2011.04.29 22:25:14 ] Endeva > been kicking your ass whole week lol

Now there was some debate over who had a cruiser first on field. I remained adamant that the first cruiser fielded was by Blues but accept that it did not seem to remain long and likely warped off.

Now Endeva proceeded to start trolling both local and r-v-b and got shot down by his own fleet-mates for being an ass. His line of argument now consisted of “we lost because it was their HQ” to which the Blues replied “We chose to engage there”.

It saddens me that people like that are around. I mean, we got a HAC dropped on us at Blue HQ earlier and while we weren’t happy, we didn’t go and bitch in every available channel.

RvB is for fun, and this guy plainly does not grasp that.

We had a terrific fight, so thanks to those Blues that took the loss well. Whilst we held field, the fight was a big one and well worth the bitching that Endeva spewed afterwards.

Tired, I finally called it and logged out. An excellent day.

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