The rule of fun

Being in RvB for the past one and a half weeks has taught me something very valuable in EVE.

If you are not having fun, there is no point in playing

The enemy outnumber you? They outgun you? Fuck it. Come out in hilarious failfits and give the enemy a chuckle at the KillMails. Come out in noobships and try not to laugh your ass off too bad. Come out in the biggest damn things you have and watch the enemy scatter.

You outnumber the enemy? Same as before. They won’t find it fun at all if you camp them all day. Neither will you. Do something fun. Something stupid. Use noobships. Web the station. Bugger off and fight someone else. Fight each other! ISK is there to spend and ships there to be used.

Everyone has a different definition of “fun”, but go as general as you can and progress from there. You can’t please everyone, but try and make sure as many people enjoy the experience as possible.

There’s no point in playing this amazing game if you’re not having fun. I don’t find the idea of stupidly-big-mega-laggy battles fun. I don’t like the sound of sov-mechanics. I don’t like the lack of small-fleet advantages in nul. Therefore, I won’t go to nul.

I don’t find mining fun, so I won’t mine. I don’t care if it would make me ISK, because I’m having a fucking blast losing a rifter an hour to the enemy.

We play for fun. If you stop having fun and don’t change that, you might as well stop playing.

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  1. Amen.

    Although I need no reminder to do something stupid!

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