Noobships, fights and some more fights

Last night I logged on to find a Red frigate fleet coming up against difficulties. Apparently the Blues had acted on bad (or incomplete) intel and brought out some BattleCruisers and Cruisers against frigates.

So our FC hits upon a brilliant, brilliant plan. Rather than upship from Frigates into Cruisers or above, we decided…

To downship. From t1 frigates.

That’s right.


So with ride of the valkyries playing over comms, we undocked and off to Blue HQ we went!

And oh man. Was it fun.

98% of the Blues were damn good sports about it. The other 2% whined, seeming to think that RvB was srs bsns and not intended for fun at all. Meh.

Anyway we grabbed no kills and developed some hilarity from Blue pilots fleeing from our noobships. This was promptly followed by a <1 hour old alt alt coming into the r-v-b chat to troll us all about how we suck. Many laughs were had at this. We proceeded to swarm the Blue HQ and got beat back. We don’t know how, but they managed to break our awesome tanks. We promptly docked up in BHQ and grabbed MOAR NOOBSHIPS and proceeded to undock in a second wave. By this point the Blues were well and truly on board and one even undocked an Iteron Mk5 to shoot at us.  Good times were had by all.

Suddenly Sunday

Today was a much better day for fleet fights. We had several big ones but being the noob I am, I forgot to record/screenshot in order to write most of them up.

One I do remember (without screenies) is one I FC’d in the morning. For the first time, I led a fleet to victory. Just. We had 2 left on field out of 10, if I recall right.

So anyway here’s the last two fights of my night.

We’re out in force. So are the Blues. This can and will only end one way. We have ~18 t1 frigates. They have ~18 t1 frigates. This should be fun. Both fleets are riled up after numerous engagements in the last couple of hours and we’re determined to hit them hard. We have an FC who is new to me this time: M4n1c M1n3r. He’s good.

Both fleets pass into Bereye. We’re on the Halle gate, they’re on the Arnatele gate. We warp to their gate. We pass them mid-warp.


We warp back to the Halle gate. Guess who we pass mid-warp?

We miss each other for the second time.

Finally we warp again to the Arnatele gate and we engage.

Fight 1: Red T1 Frigates vs Blue T1 Frigates

I really need T2 autocannons

As usual we land on grid and proceed to lock up called targets. With so many on field targets melt damn quick and the same applies to us. Both fleets are losing people left and right. Rifters are hitting hard and being hit hard. Tanks be tanking as the Punishers manage to withstand some serious punishment. The Merlins are laughing as they unleash blasters and anything else is trying not to be noticed.

Eventually it looks like we’re pulling the fight into our favor. But then more Blues appear. They’ve reshipped.


Getting there!

Our guys are reshipping but the Blues have had the logistical sense to put ships in the system rather than in their HQ a jump away, which allows easy reshipping. A few of ours have done the same but not as many as the Blues. This starts to show as our fleet begins to fray at the edges. We begin overheating on their heavier tanks and we appear to be winning once again. I go down in a blaze of fire as I’m primaried but we appear to hold the field with about 3 left!

Close one. Gfs are exchanged between both parties.

Both fleets reship and repair as well as grow in size. Half an hour later both fleets are in the 20s. The inevitable happens. We land on a gate with the Blue fleet lying in wait.

Fight 2: Red T1 Frigates vs Blue T1 Frigates and 2 cruisers


They have two cruisers on field, a Maller and Vexor. We charge our nimble frigates into the enemy fleet and the world exploded in a maelstrom of carnage. Deft hands are needed to keep up with the ever-switching targets, ranges and e-war. I spy a web go up on me and proceed to burn away from the offender. One of the enemy Punishers is tanking us to absolute hell (turns out he’s slaved) and takes a while to go down. The enemy cruisers are slowly picking us apart with drones and we are running into serious issues. With a final cry of autocannons my Rifter explodes my pod out into the void and I warp back to Halle. We lose about 10 kils to 17 losses.

However we’re not done yet. Oh no. We reship and prepare to jump into the battleground. A scout reports a Blue Maller and a couple of frigates looting the field.

We jump in.

The Maller is a good 20km from the gate and is pointed within seconds. We web it and slowly whittle it down until it explodes. The frigates warp off. Foul play is called by the Maller pilot but we shrug it off. It was on field and therefore fair game…

And that was that.

Note: We took down a prophecy with a t1 frigate fleet last night. It was pretty cool and the pilot was a good sport about it.

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