Red vs Blue: Fleet warfare

Fleet’s going up when I log in. Per usual, I jump in and undock in my latest Rifter. The FC, Dracoth Simertet instead of Melkor this time, is calling for a Rifter fleet, so it’s all good.

A Blue fleet is around and about so we’re going to try and wipe em out. They’re sporting primarily Punishers which tend to have a nasty tank so we’re bringing a DPS heavy fleet. That should do it.

Rifter fleet best fleet

We undock in our Rifters (and one Merlin) and proceed to head out. Jumping round for a bit gives us nothing but then we land on gate with the Blue fleet 15km away. Both fleets sit there for a few minutes. It’s an tense mexican standoff. Then we get bored and call the attack.

Round 1: Fight!

ROUND 1: Red Rifters vs Blue Punishers (with others)

Cheeeaaaaaaargeeeeeee! We point our Rifters into the thick of the enemy fleet and proceed to fire away. Our autocannons rattle the silence of space as the FC starts to call targets. The Blues respond in kind and soon the vicious battle is fully joined.

Boom baby!

The enemy DPS are called first and comply we do. The enemy Punishers lack the 3rd midslot for a web and our speed allows us to outmaneuver the much slower armor plated Blues. Blue frigate after blue frigate goes down to our guns.

The Punishers hold hard against our fleet but A sole frigate has little chance of tanking our combined DPS and they crumble. Before long only a scant few blues remain and they’re quickly picked off. The fight’s over. First round goes to Reds.

Good fights are exchanged in local and in the r-v-b channel and we head back to repair and reship. Stats put us at 3 lost to 9 of theirs. A solid victory.

10 minutes later and we suspect the Blues are out and about again. We undock and go a-looking. We’re still in our Rifters but this time we have the Merlin and a Punisher too. We’re mostly Rifters so we’re still happy.

After checking Arnatele and Bereye, only to find no Blues whatsoever, we jump into the Blue system of Jurlesel.


We have a problem here. There are two Assault Frigates on the grid. Along with an iteron. Ah.

It’s a tough choice for the FC. We have even numbers but those two AFs on field (and the ITERON!) are going to make life hard for us. This could go badly.

We orbit the FC at close range, and he charges us into the thicket of the enemy swarm.

ROUND 2: Red Rifters vs Blue Everything (with iteron)

Primary and secondary are the two Assault Frigates. If we die, we’re taking their ISK with

Come oooooon!

us. The Retribution is called first and we rip into it with our fleet.

The first AF melts pretty fast. Thank god for that. Our FC is called primary and he melts. Someone else takes up target calling.

Second AF is called as our primary and we proceed to whittle that down. We’re taking losses across the board here. My watchlist is rather harrowing for the squad under my command (yay leadership) and it doesn’t look good. Fortunately the second AF melts

Cue epic music on my jukebox


Our target caller is down again, and a third person takes it up. Rifters are called as primary and secondary. We engage but there’s barely any of us on field. Their fleet had the advantage and it’s showing. Even the iteron has joined them on field, and it’s all gone downhill from that point!

Our 3rd target caller goes down and I take over. The primary goes down and I switch DPS

This is NOT looking good.

to the secondary. A quick check shows about 4 of us left on field. We’ve lost this one. I call for people to burn away and warp. Fortunately the lack of webs on their part is allowing us to do this. I’m primaried and I overheat my afterburner to break range. The remaining Reds manage to use this chance to GTFO. I pull range and proceed to warp faster than I’ve ever attempted to warp before. My little Rifter is saved, despite burning out the afterburner and guns.

So Round 2 went solidly to the Blues. Good fight!

We upshipped a couple of people into AFs for the next fight but at this point I had to log for the night.

I would link the Battle Reports but they’re a bit broken right now.

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  1. Sounds like a great time actually.
    Make no mistake though, victory in eve pvp goes to the side that not only has the best co-ordination and experience, but also to that which brings the best ships. the AFs were clearly a deciding factor in that fight.
    good stuff.

    • They did indeed. While they both went down fairly quick they sufficiently held our DPS long enough for us to start taking some serious losses ourselves. It was a damn good fight though!

  2. Nice post. These are starting to make me want to sign up for a while! Is it mostly smaller stuff you guys fly or do you take out BCs and above occasionally? I like to fly a rook in a BC fleet

    • It’s primarily Frigate to Cruiser but we do have occasional fleets with BCs and BS. These tend to be against 3rd party War Targets but occasionally we do get a scrap or two with the larger ships between Red and Blue

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