Red vs Blue part 2

I log on right after DT to find a fleet being assembled. Standard t1 frigates, nothing major. We’re going to have a poke round for some blues!

I jumped into a rifter, being low on incursus modules (cheers for that, blues) and contemplate fitting a cheap rig or two.

Much to my surprise,  a small projectile rig (I forget the exact name) costs 210k a piece in the Red HQ, but only 70k over in Blue HQ! I relay this to the FC (we’re docked so comms are open) and he comes up with an ingenious plan!

Go to Blue HQ, buy all their rigs and put them up at a higher price!


So we jump in our frigates, undock (and take a pop-shot at a blue merlin on station) and run on over to Jurlesel.

sup blues?

A quick scan around doesn’t find any targets, so we dock up and put our oh-so nefarious plan into action. A few market orders later and we’re done, so we undock and go looking for blues.

We find a few but they’re mostly looking for solo fights. No blue fleets appear to be roaming. Then 3 blue cruisers began appearing on our tail. Those could present a problem.

FC orders an upship, and upship we do. Jumping into cruisers (and one BC), we regroup and head over to blue HQ to find these enemy cruisers. We’re met with a blue scorpion on the undock.

Blue scorpion! Good tank on him.

They’ll obviously dock, but we engage anyway. After hitting 10% shields, the scorp docks. We warp off and come back. The scorp is on the undock again. We engage. They dock at 10%. Testing their tank, it seems. Good for them! Seemed to hold up well!

We set off again, looking for this gang. We find them on a gate, but we’re spread out at the time.

We engage.

We need more dakka captain!

We lose one cruiser. Two cruisers. I go down hard. We take down one rupture. He was bloody tough. Silly rigs.

Anyway, I call it for now and log out to go play minecraft, since it just updated.

I log on in the evening to find a Red Defence fleet up.

Nova Ardour have come back. Not surprising, but they must have plenty of ISK to burn, considering we took down a loki yesterday.

Anyway, I join the fleet and we have a good 30 or so pilots attempting to catch lordinvisible in his new loki.

Come out come out...

He plays station games as standard.

(PS, the yellow on the screenshot is lordinvisible’s neutral orca alt)

We get bored, and decide to go terrify some blues with this fleet.

There are a few blues on their HQ, so we proceed to drop a fleet on their faces.

[ 2011.04.19 19:02:20 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Jurlesel Local Channel
[ 2011.04.19 19:03:52 ] Rene Hamborg > Christ
[ 2011.04.19 19:04:06 ] Barrak > you reds expecting a war ;)
[ 2011.04.19 19:04:24 ] Relentless Jim > I think I'll dock back up :P
[ 2011.04.19 19:04:36 ] tgl3 > Stay! We have cookies!
[ 2011.04.19 19:04:41 ] Barrak > lol....... I think the station would dock somewhere if it could
[ 2011.04.19 19:05:14 ] Relentless Jim > Jesus

One of them tested his tank against us and held out quite well before he docked. Shoutout to Relentless Jim. Nice tank.

We head back towards the Red HQ in Halle. We hold cruisers off the gate and the frigates jump through to have a look. A neutral vagabond jumps through and head about 100km off-gate. Three blues, a frigate and two canes, land on the gate on the other side. FC orders an attack.

The blue frigate asks for us to lay off, since they’re chasing a WT. FC doesn’t comply and keeps firing. One of their canes warps off,  s does the frigate. Second cane jumps through to our main fleet.

FC orders us to engage, but some of our fleet points out that the vagabond a few minutes ago was the Blue target. There’s a corp who are at war with Blue but not us, so we don’t see them as WT. FC cites that since the WT is (now) off grid we can engage. Of our 20-man fleet, 5 fleet members drop fleet in protest and a further 5, including me, refuse to fire on the cane. The other 10 or so engage and the cane melts.

There was no blue response, so they probably passed it off as an honest mistake rather than anything deliberate. So it’s all good. I was anticipating a small amount of political fallout from the incident, but nothing appeared to happen.

After another hour of trying to trap this Nova Ardour pilot and bump their neutral Orca and RR off station, I call it a night and log.

Note: Red have declared war against the Blue WT.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re having fun. RvB sounds like a blast 🙂

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