Red vs Blue

Today I left BTEK to join the Red Federation.

Red Federation are a high-sec pvp corp constantly at war with the Blue Republic. They have several rules (such as no podding) that keep the battles between the two corps fun. The two corps are based two systems apart which creates some pretty fun raids and roams.

I’ve never had so much fun in EVE as today. Between chasing blues, running from blues and dying in a ball of fire, I’ve been having a ball.

Since joining I’ve lost two incursus’. One to an enemy rifter (we got him though!) and one to a Nova Ardour loki which was camping Red HQ.

Nova Ardour have war dec’d both the Red and Blue corps and have proceeded to camp stations whenever possible whilst using neutral orcas to swap ships. If we show up with a fleet they just dock! Bah!

I’m keeping this post short because as I type, the Red and Blue corps have activated “Purple status” which basically forbids all Blue-Red combat as we go after a common foe.

30 of us are preparing to engage several NA members any minute, including a mach. Lets see if we can pop one of them before they dock.

This should be fun.

Fly safe.


We smashed em. They ran like hell, neutral RR scattering errywhere. We had a hero tackler pin one of their lokis down on a station in system and BOOM.

Chased them back to dodixie and camped them for a bit. Took out an exequror. Fun times! 😀

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  1. Thanagherion

    Y’ should have told me you were looking for a change… I’d have you down here in null flying with us!

    • Tempting but I felt I needed a bit of smaller scale pvp practice first. Hopefully a few months here will be a good stepping stone to do something like move to nul 🙂

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