Remember the start of your journey?

Do you remember your first day in EVE? I remember mine. It was a couple of years back on a trial account. I can’t remember how I found the game but the 2 week free trial enticed me.

I logged on (my first trial was back when they had different races affecting attributes or somesuch), rolled a Gallente pilot and I began.

What followed were 2 of the most frustrating weeks of my life. As well as the most fun I’ve ever had in a video game. One moment shines bright in my memory to this day: After flying around gawping at the universe in my little tristan (THE FAT MAN!) I came across a fellow pilot who offered me advice as well as giving me 1,000,000 ISK. That was more than I had ever seen in this game, brought me closer to the ludicrous price of a thorax (6 million) and I did not know how to thank this guy. I was giggling like a small schoolgirl at my wallet. The pilot then proceeded to undock in a Megathron. Compared to my ‘lil tristan I practically pissed myself at such a large ship.

Sadly the pilots name has been lost to me but the memory of such generosity has not. A million seemed a hell of a lot to me back then.

When I finally got a vexor on my second trial account (which was the one I upgraded to my full account last June), I was incredibly excited by the guns drones cargo CAPACITOR! So much yellow filled my user interface! I felt truly invincible. Even better – I ran it with small modules! MY CAP WAS NEVER ENDING!

I was utterly captivated during my first trial and the second trial (about TWO YEARS apart, I couldn’t finance a subscription in this time) drove it home. I still have my first velator and might go spin it someday. I have my first few frigates still fitted with their epic failfits too.

Memories of a time gone. Of a feeling of wonder which is hard to replicate. Listening to the EVE jukebox (EVE HAS SOUNDS!) brought back these memories and feelings. Nostalgia is a bitch.

So what about you? Is there a moment from your EVE Newbhood that stands out? Or do you wish such times never happened?

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