Through Newb Eyes: Ninja salvaging

This was originally drafted before the New Year; when I first started doing this. I just forgot about it! It’s fairly short though. Enjoy!

I’ve been spinning my ship in the hanger for about half an hour now. This cannot continue. What is there to do? Mission? I’m bored now. My T2 fitted dominix runs Federation Navy L4’s without even having to think about it. I don’t need the ISK right now anyway. That’s not an option.

I could go and find some pew, but my skills are lacking and I don’t have a jump clone available for my poor implants.

Mining? Nah.

My eyes stray to my chat tab. Then I see this:

Oh this channel!

I joined the channel about a week ago but had never really participated in it. Worth a shot? Could be fun!

I take some basic advice (salvage vigil) and head next door into Agrallarier. I jump back in my trusty battle-pod to pick up my Helios for some scanning.

Ninjas were, in my eyes, an odd breed. I had encountered them 5 or 6 previously while missioning. On a bad day they were annoying pests who nabbed my salvage. On a good day I wouldn’t bother salvaging and let them go nuts. Never shot them though. Caught on to that through some other people’s blog posts quickly.

So this should be fun!

Five minutes in the helios gives me a couple of targets so I bookmark and jump back into the newly christened “DONTSHOOTME” vigil and head to the first bookmark.

Landing on an acceleration gate, I use directional scan to have a looksie into the mission. Lots of juice large wrecks and a Megathron!

I activate the gate and enter a room with the Megathron clearing off the last of the rats WHEN SUDDENLY LOCAL!

[13:52:50] Theocolese > little thief tgl3

[13:53:09] tgl3 > We all make our ISK in different ways.

[13:53:36] Theocolese > we’ll see about that

[13:53:58] Theocolese > your a little scrounging rat

[13:55:46] Theocolese > rat bag

I am shocked and appalled!

I’m a missioner!

Like him!




I could go into an entirely different post arguing the “morals” of ninja’ing but I think that was rather unjustified! It’s not like those wrecks were his.

[13:58:03] Theocolese > those are my wrecks you little thieving rat

Well OK, he thinks so. I OMNOMNOM his wrecks and make my exit.

A couple more runners provide no such “tears” so I collect all my lurvly new salvage (it was quite nice) and call it a day.

No kills (I wasn’t planning on them) but it’s very interesting to see someone who might have selflessly helped you with a mission turn on you just for taking some shinies. That are free-for-all anyway.

Maybe later I’ll start baiting and pewing the runners. It’s an option!

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  1. LoL
    you know, now that I don’t mission much, I actually enjoyed ninjas. It staved the boredom of grinding L4s (I shouldn’t say this, cause it will encourage them), but sometimes I gave them tears, other times ignored them and just let them get the salvage other times I’d nuke my own wrecks, but ALWAYS they kept me alert!

    So… sorry if I’m not the typical carebear, but…

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