Project Halibut: donations needed! You can help.

April 8th, 2011 — Project Halibut today announced a plan to raise 2 billion ISK to advertise its new player-focused charitable services in E-ON Magazine and the EVE log-in screen.

The Project Halibut chat channel has a team of dedicated pilots ready to help, and the E-ON advert on the log-in screen is the best way to let new players know about it.

The fund raising campaign is being promoted in-game with a roleplaying storyline, as the EVE Commune broadcasters decide to take their ratings war with rivals at Fly Reckless a step too far, kidnapping host Angus McDecoy and demanding a 2 billion ISK ransom!

Donate now by sending ISK or contracting spare hanger items to Aideron Robotics with the reason “Project Halibut E-ON” Once the 2 billion target is reached one lucky donor will receive a free GTC courtesy of

The fundraising drives coincides with the launch of the new Project halibut website:
Full details about Project Halibut, the fundraiser, and how to donate, can be found there.

“Advertising on the sign-in screen will help Project Halibut reach the young New Eden Capsuleers who will benefit most from our charitable work.” — Garheade, Director, Project Halibut

Garheade – Director, Project Halibut
In-Game Chat Channel: Project Halibut

Personal note: This project took my eye at the start and I’ve been supporting it OOG since as well as kicking around in the in-game chat channel. These guys mean what they do and are well worth helping.

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