Through Newb Eyes: Goals, plans and endgame.

I got asked a question today. It got me thinking.

“How do you win EVE?” – a friend.

In order to effectively answer this question, I first had to consider what the end of EVE was. I couldn’t. Due to EVE’s wonderful (if harsh) sandbox nature, there is no end that would apply to all players. Most MMOs don’t have a final battle or level that the single-player games all share. EVE is even more distinct by featuring such an open ended experience. Many MMOs (World Of Warcraft, Guild Wars etc) feature some sort of End to the main experience. Most of these involve hitting the level cap.

So what about EVE? Is 0.0 the endgame? What about having the most ISK? Wormholes? Flying a titan? Owning a fleet of faction-fit uberships? Running a successful corporation? Owning the market?

So I came to the obvious conclusion. To me, the end-game of EVE is exactly what you make it to be.

So how do you win EVE?

I thought long and hard and replied thusly:

“It’s not about reaching the end, it’s what you do to get there”

But then how do you get there? Hell, is there even an end? I know a lot of players have a set goal, be it long or short term. Some examples from the #tweetfleet:

“A sustained existence in nullsec – that’s my goal. Participation in one large newsworthy battle, that too :)”

“learn how to wormhole.”

“a Nyx supercap”

“getting to be a senior FC in my new alliance. Long-term, starting my own corp successfully.”

“My goal is to reach BitterVet status…”

So how do they achieve those goals? What is their journey to reach them?  Some plan, some improvise. There are those who have a strict skill plan courtesy of something like EVEMon, and those who think “Yeah, that’ll do to train next”. They know their plan, and will achieve it however they want. The journey matters as much as the end.

Then there are those with no goals. Those who play with the sandbox however the hell they want to, whenever the hell they want to. To these people, there is rarely any endgame. There is no journey to enjoy, because that implies a destination. These are the people who tend to improvise on a daily basis. They rarely plan, and enjoy themselves however they want to on that day.

Then there are those who do both. Plan for a new shiny, then do whatever the hell once the plan is achieved. Maybe a new plan will arise later, such as when the shiny is being sucked into a salvager. There probably isn’t a final endgame, but lots of smaller goals. Most EVE players fall into this category.

But this blog is called “Through Newb Eyes”,  so how do I view goals, plans and endgames?

For me, EVE is not necessarily serious business. RL comes first and due to this, I have no big goals. I have no “end-game”. I couldn’t care less for building up mountains of ISK or for commanding a massive nul-sec fleet. I just log in, train whatever I think would be useful and go find something to do that I enjoy.

But I have extreme respect for those who have the big plans, the big goals. Not everyone in EVE has a goal, a plan or an end to work towards. That’s fine. Me neither. But those who build their end-game and work towards it every day? Good on you.

How do you win EVE? However the hell you want to.

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  1. Insightful post, and a question every EVE player ends up asking themselves. In fact I think that the question of “What is the Endgame?” could very well be the cause of many people quitting EVE.

    It can be very daunting to be sitting there in your frigate and see the vast expanse of options out there and be like “Ok. What do I want to do?”

    I myself have changed my goals so frequently it’s not even funny (4 times in the last day) and right now I am focusing on becoming a Production and Mining powerhouse for my corp and after that? Maybe I will go back to more Combat stuff, maybe I will get the ability to sit in every single Caldari Capital Ship in the game just because I can. The one thing I do know is that I will enjoy the journey, the ups and downs, because I have awesome friends in game and know a ton of awesome people on twitter who share a love of this game with me.

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