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RL takes priority

Due to RL issues, I’ll not be updating the blog for a couple of weeks. I expect to have a post or two but that’s about it.

Fly safe. o/

Oh fiddlesticks

I just lost the USB which contained my CSM post. Serves me right for saving it in Word rather than WordPress, but I was having connection issues the last few days.

If I find it, I’ll post the post. If not, I really don’t have the time to start from scratch with finding all the links and blog posts again.


The CSM Voting has begun. Vote here. DO EET.

My Rules

The Rules. The Code. The Moral Compass. The Conscience.

However you put it, every player in EVE Online adheres to some sort of internal moral code. A lot of the time, one person’s code may clash with another (see ninjas vs missioners etc) but every pilot, regardless of profession, will have at least one thing they abide by, even if it’s simply “Blow shit up all the time”.

So, in a fit of “It’s late, I’m tired, my CSM post isn’t done and I want to write something else for a bit”, here’s the few rules I try to follow when flying internet spaceships.

1. Never fly what I can’t afford to replace twice over. – Pretty simple and a slight variant on one of the “core rules of EVE”. This always gives me a nice ISK buffer in case things go south.

2. Never betray someone you consider a friend. – EVE is full of stories of people dicking each other over. That’s great. I honestly admire that. However, it’s not my style and I choose not to do it. If they betray me, then that’s up to them.

3. Honor 1v1s, ransoms. – This primarily refers to my ninja salvaging and specifically the stealing of mission items. In the very few cases of agreeing to a 1v1, I honor them (though always lost)

4. As soon as the game starts to feel like a job, take a break. – I play EVE for fun. I’ve now played for a little over 6 months (not counting trial accounts) and at least twice I’ve had to take a break due to “burnout”. Fortunately, college now provides a natural break from the game, ensuring as soon as I get home I’m rearing to fly.

5. When in doubt, it’s a trap. – People like setting traps. Gatecamps, stationcamps, bubbles, ninjas and the list goes on. Always consider the possible “trappability” of a situation.

6. When really in doubt, Fire Fucking Everything™ – Self explanatory.

So there we are, a short basic list showing my fundamental rules. There are other, context specific, rules I adhere too, but these are the “all the damn time” ones.

So tell me, what are your rules?

Quick note

RL has kept me from writing anything and college has kept me from playing so I have precious little to write about.

I’m preparing a post of my opinions on the CSM candidates which is in the works, as well as a list of links and information for you to delve into.

There’s no weekly update this week because I don’t have anything to update.

The #tweetfleet is awash with CSM and Incarna discussions right now, and they’re too complex to post here.

I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming CSM post (despite there being many others which I’ll also link in the post)

Until then, fly safe! o/