Singularity lulz

The Test Server has undergone a rule change. The devblog can be found here.

Here’s a summary of the major changes:

  • The test system has been moved from FD-MLJ to 6-CZ49
  • Any combat outside this system must be consensual.
  • Still no combat at station and gates
  • Everywhere else in system (safespots, planets, belts) is Free-For-All unless it interferes with specific testing
  • Due to the new system having a medbay in-station, podding is now allowed.
  • The FFA Beacons (BS/ BC+Cruiser / Frigates) are guidelines. Expect larger ships to be in each beacon.

Upon logging onto Sisi yesterday, I immediately responded to a fleet request in local to clear some capital ships out the FFAs. 20 of us soon headed out with myself in a blackbird (lol) and engaged everything we could lock down. Some of our fleet were also in capitals and we degraded into shooting anything and everything that wasn’t fleeted.

Many kills and a few losses later, such as losing 5 blackbirds in a row (people like primarying me) we ended with a fleet of about 35 people regrouping at a planet.

We warped to a FFA to be met with a 30-man strong SCUM fleet who we melt 6 kills to one loss at which point they warp out.

Again we regroup at a planet.

Then it got interesting. A nyx warped in to the planet.

[ 2011.02.25 22:15:19 ] jackz01 > the one at planet is not mine

[ 2011.02.25 22:15:28 ] jackz01 > leon johnstone is mine

[ 2011.02.25 22:15:33 ] Russell4 > all fleet, shoot nyx

[ 2011.02.25 22:15:33 ] pattero > bubble the nyx

So our interdictor proceeded to bubbled our own fleet! After a great deal of swearing we popped our traitorous friend as the nyx warped off.


We warp to an FFA and proceed to lay waste to everything, only to have the Nyx warp in on us again.

Using another pilot this time, we proceed to lock it down and open fire. It all goes well till it hits armor.

[ 2011.02.25 22:49:41 ] Sikander 2 > nyx is getting reps from someonedark

Someonedark was in-fleet. lolwut?

A quick check shows someonedark to be the same corp as the Nyx. :O

We boot him and open fire on the second traitor only to find…

[ 2011.02.25 22:50:29 ] Rokhy Bhalboah > chris is repping

A second traitor! Another carrier in the same corp! We boot him and engage.

However by this time the Nyx had logged off and we’re treated to this in local:

[ 2011.02.25 23:06:24 ] ChrisF8472 > GF GF

At which point I say on fleet-comms “what a dick”

[ 2011.02.25 23:06:34 ] ChrisF8472 > yes im a dick


[ 2011.02.25 23:06:54 ] ChrisF8472 > weve been in your fleet the whole time for luls

[ 2011.02.25 23:07:01 ] Sikander 2 > oh em gee

[ 2011.02.25 23:07:10 ] ChrisF8472 > i can hear you on voice also 😉 very amusing

I lost track at this point from laughing so hard. The guy was replying to us in local from our voice comms.

[ 2011.02.25 23:08:13 ] ChrisF8472 > its not hard to find my alt

So we’re looking.

It gets funnier when I report being primaried by a tempest and going down quickly

[ 2011.02.25 23:08:52 ] ChrisF8472 > go tempest

[ 2011.02.25 23:09:02 ] ChrisF8472 > \o/

[ 2011.02.25 23:09:02 ] jackz01 > tempes tlegion?

[ 2011.02.25 23:09:07 ] ChrisF8472 > pod express if you will

[ 2011.02.25 23:09:15 ] tgl3 > nah

[ 2011.02.25 23:09:17 ] tgl3 > struc all the way

We find his alt to be the original interdictor traitor who the FC had decided not to boot..? We boot him and continue.

At which point I call it a night.

My kills/losses from the night:

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  1. LoL
    Sounds fun!
    Here’s hoping I meet you on Sisi

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