Incarna. It’s coming. (Or how the EVE playerbase was divided)

Read it. Read it again.

There seem to be two major reactions to this devblog; either “YES!” or “Fuck CCP”

Incarna has been stirring the waters of the playerbase for a while now (especially since the new character creator stormed onto the scene) and this devblog brings the most information we’ve ever been given regarding the future expansion.

Ever since the announcement of Ambulation Walking in Stations Incarna, people have been voicing both concerns and praise over CCPs plan. Some players firmly believe (as they have the right to) that CCP are making a huge mistaake and that resources used developing Ambulation Walking in Stations Incarna would be much better used elsewhere (read; LAAAAAG) and there are those that were never impressed by having an avatar that consisted of a portrait that was rarely seen.

As I type, a small argument is developing on the #tweetfleet regarding the devblog over a concern that loading onto the hanger-replacing “balcony” will be too strenuous compared to the current system, thus forcing players into the Incarna content whether they want to or not.

Mind you, Incursion did that too.

There are also those who don’t give a rats ass either way and will continue their trading/shooting/mining regardless of how pretty the thing behind the market/fitting/item windows look.

I can see this developing into a threadnaught beast that will divide the EVE playerbase more than anything I’ve read about or experienced thus far. The players want their voices heard and they should damn well be allowed to, regardless of what side of the fence they sit on. This content could go both ways. It could be a massive success that convinces even those who voiced doubts, or drive even the most devoted player away.

But both sides will still argue. EVE is entering a critical phase with projects such as Incarna and Dust51456789, and critical phases always always *always* split playerbases in MMOs. It will do so and is doing so here.

But which side is right? Neither. Yet both are.

As the TVTropes website would say, “Your Mileage May Vary”

It’s happening, so let’s just wait and see. Oh, and CCP? Let us meet Scotty. Please. I have a few words for him.

The testing phase of the new content is due to roll out on the Test Server before Fanfest 2011.

I, personally, cannot wait for the new content.

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  1. In all honesty I’m eagerly waiting for the new content. I played “Vampire: the Masquerade” and “Vampire: Requiem” for a long time, so I’m curious for a sneak preview (which I’m guessing that’s what Incarna will be), but also I think Eve is missing something that pulls players deeper into the story (I’m not saying this expansion will do the trick, but I for one think anything that gives us a bit more of the universe and sparks the interest to learn the backstory is welcome).

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