Weekly update

This is the first in a series of weekly updates (posted every Monday) of items that catch my eye from around the web as well as in-game.

  • CSM 6 Applications are underway. Check the forums, the tweetfleet and the blogs for candidates!
  • Incursion 1.2 is to be deployed tomorrow. Check the dev announcement here and the patch notes here.
  • EVE University is treated to a Bug Hunting + QA class with a couple of CCP Devs. Story here.
  • An excellent study on bots over at EVE News 24 here!
  • Hulkageddon 4 starts Friday!
  • What’s *your* EVE Personality? (I got Gunslinger)
  • IT Alliance is pretty much dead (AFAIK).

In RL news, I go home Friday (straight into Hulkageddon) which means I can finally play! It’s been about 6 weeks 😦

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