Note: The following represents my personal view. I am not a “hardcore” PvPer and have a mere few killmails with my name attached.


I previously wrote a post about my dislike of killmails and killboards in general, but a blog post by Chainer Cygnus here prompted my attention and with a lack of EVE to play *shakes a fist at the college IT Dept* I thought I’d post up about my view. Again. Bit more detail this time. Promise!

Killmails. The topic is sweeping the assembly-hall section of the good old EVE Online forums. We have the “pro-killmail” side who want them kept and the “anti-killmail” side who want them removed. Both sides in the thread(s) are arguing their points continuously, with every party coming up with valid arguments and reasons.

First up, the “pro-killmail” side.

Let’s look at an “anti-killboard” comment from the threadnaught.

Killmails encourage gate camping. Gate camps are one of the oldest forms of ‘piracy’ in the game and are still very popular. Gate camps are what happens when you want lots of killmails to bolster your killboard. Nobody ever really looks at how lame or onesided your kills are, so you can be proud of having a hundred shuttles, industrials, or solo pvpers on it.

The problem lies in the first sentance. The poster states that “Killmails” are the issue while the rest of the paragraph continues to talk about killboards. The two often come hand in hand but they still lie seperate. No, really.

A killboard tots up all your kills over time. A killmail tracks one, well, kill. Killmails are invaluble for seeing what you managed to explode. Did you win through a superior fitting? Was your EMP ammo hitting a hole in their shiel resists or was it blind luck? What didn’t drop in the hold? What rigs? What drones remained in the bay? What faction item *didn’t* drop for you? Killmails are derived from a thirst for knowledge about the enemy. If you know what they fit now, they may fit the same tomorrow. Or not. But there’s a chance they will.

Killmails are useful. There’s no doubting that by either side. However, the argument stems from things like Killboards and Kill/Death ratios. These achievement displays compose the problem. Useful? Yes of course. Their advantage is their disadvantage. With great displays of achievements comes great E-Peen. \o/


Killmails encourage blobbing. People don’t want to lose, people want to let other people know they lost even more.

Wrong. People encourage blobbing. Killmails just represent the medal you get afterwards. People who want to win, and that’s easily done through numbers and killmails provide a small bonus.

Killmails encourage gate camping. Gate camps are one of the oldest forms of ‘piracy’ in the game and are still very popular.

Ok, I’ll give the poster some credit. A lot of people do gatecamp to boost their killboards. However this is more the fault of the pilot, not the killmail mechanic. Can you blame a gun for being used to shoot someone? (That’s not the best analogy, but it’s the best I could do)

Gatecamps are, and always will be, a part of EVE. Removing killmails isn’t going to change that. People want easy kills regardless of whether or not it adds a +1 to their boards.

Killmails encourage jamming. I was in a fight 6 to 1 recently, myself being the 1 of course. Even with 2 ECCM IIs fitted, I was still pretty much permajammed throughout the fight. People use ECM and other EW to compensate for a lack of having an even bigger fleet. Would they have killed me without it? Absolutely, but I could have taken one or two with me. Again the killmail whoring is to blame.

Er, OK. ECM is commonly employed to win a fight. Did it work? Yes. The pilots involved ECM’d you to BEAT you. That’s how the game works. Anyway, why the hell were you taking on 6 ships then complaining about the result? I fail to see how this constitutes “killmail whoring” regardless.

Killmails encourage hotdropping. For much the same reasons as it encourages blobbing. People want the easy killmail and bringing overwhelming force is the best way to get them.

People bring overwhelming force to win. Again, killmails are the pat on the head afterwards.

Do your part to bring fun back into Eve’s pvp and support this move to completely remove killmails and anything like them from EvE. There is absolutely no reason to keep them and they take away what pvp is supposed to be about:

Hurting other players.

So removal of a valuble asset which some might argue drives incentive to PvP in the first place would benefit PvP? I don’t follow.

The “anti-killmail” side can be summarised as such;  people want to win, and killmails are given when a person wins, therefore killmails are the cause for people wanting to win. Duh.

Everything that the poster described would happen regardless of Killmails. Maybe a bit less, but they would still happen.

Now for the other side of the fence. I don’t sit here. Obviously.

Killmail whoring exists and it exists all over the place. From the high-sec ninjas to the 0.0 capital gangs, everyone wants their name plastered on a kill and are willing to go to extreme lengths to do it. Blobbing, gate camping and baiting (read; ninjas) are common examples. Without Killmails, these will become less common and people are less likely to build up an overwhelming fleet for the sake of a nice addition to a killboard because there wouldn’t be one.

ECM fleets/gangs are a common example of Killmail whoring. By shutting down a ship the agressing fleet is enabled an easy kill and can add a +1 to their kills. Removal of killmails provides a more eq-

Actually, sod it. I can’t think of any substantial arguments for the removal of Killmails. I’m running on air coming up with that alone. 😦

Would removing killmails reduce blobbing/gatecamping/ECM?


But only because far less people would PvP.

I mentioned killmails being the “bonus” for winning a fight. Truth be told it’s mainly 0.0 alliances where people fight just to win. Most smaller gangs, alliances and corporations across New Eden fight for the killmail. Sure some people blob. Sure some people camp.

But remove killmails, and you get none. Why bother fighting if the only reward is a wreck? People need the medals.

I’m not saying the system isn’t flawed. Remote Repair pilot are not included in killmails. Where’s their shiny mail? They’re just as instrumental. The same applies for ECM pilots. They’re *on* the killmail but their contribution is not measurable using current systems. We need killmails, but the DPS ships shouldn’t be the only ones on them. It’s flawed, but it works.

People need the killmails. It’s like a cake at the finish line. And this cake isn’t a lie.

If you don’t like it, harden the fuck up. Can I have your stuff?

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