Here we go

Incursions have begun. This is it.

Preliminary reports show multi-billion ISK ships going down in flames all over highsec as the mission-runners assume their ships can fight these things alone. Underprepared fleets are failing. People are crying.

So here’s some tips from my SiSi experience with incursions.

1. Always have logistics. They’re a must.
2. You will not be able to tank traditionally. Like players and sleepers, these new NPCs switch targets.
3. Logistics and ECM will be primaried more than DPS ships.
4. Be wary of fleeting with strangers. Rumors are circulating of people getting RR only to CONCORD themselves, therefore CONCORDing the RR ship.
5. Be very VERY careful in nul-sec. The Sansha gatecamps HURT.
6. Your standard mission ships may now struggle in normal missions due to DPS reduction and resist reduction caused by incursions in the area.
7. That bounty tax in the incursion systems is a pain in the ass.
8. Assume you will be blown up at some point in ANYTHING. I saw a tengu go down in no less than 10 seconds on the test server.
9. Sansha employ kiting logistic ships. You will need faster smaller ships to hold them down.
10. Sansha use omni-damage.
11. Sansha have an omni-tank.
12. Use the right fleet size. Too much lowers your reward, as does too little. Check your journals new “incursion” tab for the site recommendation!
13. Fly smart.

Organise your fleet, have a good FC and call for reps and you’ll dominate.

Good luck.


Check out CCPs newest video detailing the Sansha backstory here!

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