Why I dislike killboards

Note: The following are my opinions. If you disagree so be it but don’t start trollolololing about it 😉

Killmails. You either love them or hate them. They provide a breakdown of what you’ve just fired a salvo of rockets into and who’s running away from said wreck in a pod. They show what was on that ship and what was left for the victor.

Then there’s K/D ratios and “points” along with killboards.

This topic was recently brought to my attention courtesy of Dodixie local, where some over-eager pilots were waving their e-peen about by arguing K/D ratios and their “points”. It all seemed incredibly petty.

Sure, post a killmail where you solo’d a BattleCruiser in a Rifter. Post the 19billion Mission Ship ganks and post the massive fleet battle reports. Those I find interesting. The Ninja chat channel always offer a hilarious multitude of kills and accompanying failfits. The #tweetfleet coughs up the occasional killmail too.

Those I enjoy.

But then along comes killboards. While a great way to store your kills, they also introduce “points”, “ratios” and “ranks”.

Great – you killed 100 ships with 1 loss! Impressive, I will grant you. But don’t come waving it in my face and especially don’t say something like this;

[ 2011.01.11 22:32:39 ] *Name removed* > Your dead I check you on battleclinic and you have crppy kils but i hav lots so you will die (This is as I ninja’d 😛 )

Now we get all walks of life in EVE but ^ that just pisses me off for reasons I can’t explain. I don’t mind the campers and the blobbers, the ninjas and the pirates, the whiners and the bumpers. What I do mind is you using “points” and killboards as “proof” of your “l33tness” and lack of mine. Odds are you’re right and you’re an amazing PvPer and I blow. But then again out of those 100 kill 1 loss, how many were blobs? How many were gatecamps against industrialists? 0%? 100%? How many did you whore on? Did you stay put in a Stealth Bomber then steal the last hit? How can I tell with 100% accuracy?

Right, breath. 99.9% of those who link killboards as proof are right in what they say. If you have 100 kills to 1 loss then I applaud you sir. But using mine as proof for me? I know full well what I am capable of.

Having fun without giving a rats ass about how it affects my battleclinic rank and my “points”

Addition: I realise only a small percentage of EVE players actually use their ranks as “proof” and an even smaller percentage of those use it in a hostile way. It’s just that those who do are often a tad more audible then those who don’t!

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