An answer to a question, being a newb and using everything you can.

So while kicking about in Agrallarier a couple days ago, I eventually ran across a Mission Runner who posed the question; “Why do you have an EVE blog?”

Actually, what he said was “why do u have a blog? ur just some stupidninja and ur blog isnt intresting anyway”

But it’s a fair question. Why did I, a 6 month old player, create a blog amongst the tens and hundreds already out there; most of which are written by far older and more experienced players?

Well there are a number of reasons, but here’s one; Look up. Right at that blog banner/image.

You see the name of my blog? Some people want to know how EVE seems to the new player. Granted there might not be many, but if even one person enjoys this blog then I am happy.

“But TG, you’re not really a noob!” I hear someone yell. That is entirely dependant on perspective; I’m a newb to the beta veteran but already out of those waters compared to a week old guy.  I don’t think I will ever grasp everything in EVE. Industry and blueprints in particular are way out of my knowledge bowl, but I try.


Tooting my own horn here, but I view myself above the average EVE player of my in-game age in terms of in-game knowledge. Why?

I have the tweetfleet, I have the blog pack, I have the forums, I have the blog OPML list, I have the podcasts and I have the wiki. I use every resource I can find to make sure I know what the hell I’m doing.

Does it work? Of course not. At least not all the time. Knowledge does not equal skill, but it sure helps. In the same way that an old player =/= a good player, a knowledgable player =/= a good player. Just like being an old player (with all that sp), knowledge helps a lot. I’ve tried my hand at everything in EVE except 0.0 warfare to grasp the basics. I have basic skills across all 4 races, I have a retriever for mining, I have a Helios to scan and scout and I have a vigil for “I’ll take that thanks” salvage. To best enjoy this game I use everything I can to understand everything I can and then try everything I can.

Yes it leaves my skills spread out. Yes it means I’m not an “uber pilot” or anything of the sort. But I have no wish to be! If fun = fail then so be it.

There’s a lovely post here that shows how confused someone can get coming into EVE, with particular regards to the interface. How did I avoid that? I made no less than 6 trial accounts over a 2 year period before subbing to EVE. (To be fair, this was mostly due to the inability to sub at the time)

That is no joke!

By the time I subbed, I was fully aware of how to play at the basic level. I zoomed through the tutorials and got, what I considered, a slight head start! Again, I try to use every resource available!

“But TGGGGGGGGGG! You’re digressing! This is barely on topic anymore!” You may be yelling. Yeah, that’s my bad. I do that. To be fair, I warned you.

Back on the original question:

The reason I blog is not only for the reason I listed above (far above), but because I want to give back to the community that give me this help. To give back to the blogs, the tweeters, the corps and the forums. To give back to the excellent community that have benefitted me so.

By blogging about what I learn and experience, I aim to inform others of what they might not have experienced because they’re smarter or simply havn’t tried. What have they missed? Did they feel the same? Do my baby steps remind them of theirs? Do they laugh at my mistakes?

How does EVE look from a WH? From the eyes of a pirate? From the eyes of the 0.0 fighters? From they eyes of the veterans?

There’s amazing blogs for those.

But how does EVE look from the eyes of a newb? Not a noob, but a newb.

Well that’s why this is here.

I want to tell the world how EVE looks through my eyes. It’s up to them if they want to see it.

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  1. We also blog because we want to share a common experience with other like-minded geeks who enjoy reading about their gaming experience, same as we do. It’s all about being part of a community of people who have similar interests. My 2 cents!

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