New Years Resolutions and a NINJA SWARM

Note: College internet is being meh. Screenshots of awesomness to be added later if possible.

So 2010 has come and gone. For me, 2010 holds the key of being the year I finally subscribed to EVE Online (after 6 or 7 trials spanning the last 2 years). 6 months of internet spaceships have passed and so I stop to see what I’ve done.

6 months. 8.67 million Skillpoints. 223 Million ISK.

Kills: 3 corp (frig tournaments), 4 carriers (live events)

Losses: 1 Dominix, 3 rifters, 1 Nemesis, 1 Ishkur, 2 Incursus, 1 Tristan.

4 corps. One of which my own for a tax haven.

So I look at 2011 and decie to set some goals.

1. Get into a (decent) Mining Barge to help corp/alliance mining ops.

2. Get a kill.

3. Be able to fly at least 2 race T2 cruisers.

4. Breach 1bil ISK.

5. Move my base of operations to low or nul-sec.

Let us see how many of the above conflict with other pilot’s goals!


2 days ago (Sunday) Arden Elenduil formed up the first Ninja op I’ve participated in.

System? Agragariariariaraiirairairi (Just type Agra in map, no idea how to spell the damn place)

Numbers? Stayed at 21+ for the whole op

Length? I left at the 8 hour mark. 8 hours!

Objective? Swarm. Swarm all the missions. Vacuum everything up and try to get shot at in the process.

We formed up at a scanning alt who, upon warping to him, would fleetwarp you to a hit. Brilliant! First site had about 11 of us zooming round in our Salvage Vigils (of DOOM). Omnomnom wrecks. The missionrunner (a domi) warped out fairly quickly.

After many sites and many tears in local, we happened upon a Navy Megathron. 4 Ninjas started in the site. Skilluuhh went on ahead to the room where the Mega was located.


[ 2011.01.02 15:55:48 ] Skilluuhh > everybody come into 2nd pocket

[ 2011.01.02 15:55:51 ] Skilluuhh > navy mega red

[ 2011.01.02 15:55:51 ] tgl3 > Really?

[ 2011.01.02 15:55:56 ] Schmetterflug > Whaaaaat?

[ 2011.01.02 15:55:57 ] Schmetterflug > WHAAAAT?

[ 2011.01.02 15:56:00 ] Iogrim > oooo

For those in the dark, if someone salvages your wrecks you can’t do shit. If someone loots your wrecks you can open fire (as can your corp) but doing so lets the looter (in this case Skilluuhh) shoot back!

We descend upon the megathron in the hundreds (ok, 20) and cover him in vigils, but only Skilluuhh can shoot. He points,webs and whatnot but his ‘lil frig can’t kill a BattleShip! The rest of us are looting all over the place in the hope of also getting aggro.

Then we do. The Navy Mega shoots not one, but 4 more of us!

Fleet channel erupts in glee and we start hammering his tank – bringing in the bigger ships to do so through the Ninja Orcas (we had about 6)

Then the pilot perks up in local

[ 2011.01.02 15:56:43 ] 2HotForYou > stop

[ 2011.01.02 15:56:59 ] Skilluuhh > start

[ 2011.01.02 15:57:07 ] tgl3 > Stop! Hammertime!

[ 2011.01.02 15:57:15 ] Clantyn > can’t touch this

[ 2011.01.02 15:57:22 ] Clantyn > oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!

[ 2011.01.02 15:57:49 ] Schmetterflug > Dundundun!

[ 2011.01.02 15:58:08 ] 2HotForYou > stop plz

[ 2011.01.02 15:58:13 ] 2HotForYou > I pay u xD

So we convo’d and got 500mil out of him. Then the question was posed; do we honor, or betray? The reply: “This is a Ninja op. We don’t honor”

Suddenly BETRAYAL!

Moving on, we salvage and loot and salvage but there’s something about a 20+ fleet of frigates that make people not want to shoot. Meh.

Eventually we get a drake who shoots, so the Ninja brings in a Scorpian. Boom.

A domi? Boom. Navy Domi? Boom. Drake? Boom. Drake 3? Boom.

Eventually, a Tengu opens fire! At 3 Ninjas! We can’t believe our luck as RR and orcas are brought in by the dozen. 500 mil ransom but BOOM goes the unlucky Tengu pilot.

However, props to the Tengu pilot. We were expecting rage and tears but we got “Nice one” and “it’s just a game, guess I’m off to jita :D” – he took it well and congratulations to him for being a good sport. Sent him a couple million ISK myself for it.

There were more kills but I can’t remember/logged off before them. I made about 70mil in salvage myself and had an absolute blast doing it.

One thing that really took me away was the attitude of the Ninjas. I expected cruel heartless jerks but found friendly banter, jokes and advice and help offered at every instance. This was in stark contrast to some of the insults of Mission Runners in local; even ones we hadn’t visited and were purely joining in the conversations.

Odd world.

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  1. Ninjas are nice people really. Just don’t shoot them 🙂

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