Hunting with my corp, a New Years EVE roam and celebrating it EVE style!

BTEK have an alliance now. They didn’t take kindly to me letting slip I ninja every now and then. Oops. Anyway, to stop me blowing someone up in highsec, we took 4 BTEK members and went to Astral’s low-sec roaming grounds. Rifters and interceptors were the ships of choice. Searching and searching we went. Spread around the system, we were searching for one of the 5 people in local.

Eventually we find 3 of them. They’re moving ships from their POS to the station. Alas, we can’t engage at either due to GUNZ – as evidenced by our Taranis pilot getting blown up by POS guns. It turned out one of these pilots were red! Low sec status meant we could engage on station! However, once we camped the station the aforementioned pilot never returned. Our sole explosion of the night (apart from the Taranis) was Astral knocking his touchpad, causing his ship to webify the station. Oops. BANG goes the guns and pop goes Astral’s yarrbitrator.

Enter today. Boredom settles. I know noone in my area my age (huzzah college) so I have no New Years EVE (cwutIdidthar) plans. I decide to solo-roam for a laugh. Afetr posting to the tweetfleet, Garheade of the EVE Commune podcast decides to join me.

At 2100 we set off in a pair of Rifters OF DOOM into the Caldari/Gallante Faction Warfare low-sec area.. First couple of jumps into lowsec finds us a red rupture on a gate. We promptly engage but he doesn’t return fire. It’s a trap! He jumps out and we warp the hell out as a force recon jumps through in return.

We move onwards, finding no decent opportunities until we stumble across a lone Imiscus (scanning frigate) at a Faction Warefare site. We head through the gate to find him orbiting at MWD speeds surrounded by 4 NPC BattleShip which aren’t engaging him nor us. We decide to open fire and SUDDENLY EXPLOSIONS as the BS open fire on poor Garheade, We GTFO of the second trap of the roam.

Eventually, after many more non-fights OF FATE, we end up in our last lowsec system. There’s two “outlaw” flagged pilots in system so I get to work with d-scan and narrow down a hurricane at a belt. We warp in to find a red cane sat there. FIRE ZE AUTOCANNONS is generally agreed on and fire we do. Then Garheade explodes as a second cane, the other outlaw, lands to reinforce the first. I warp out but Garheade gets podded!

Some half hour later we regroup, with Garheade in his new Rifter, and decide to attend the New Years EVE EVE celebration thingy. As it is, it lies at the end of another low-sec route we could take. Perfect.

12 jumps and little to no action. Systems are either empty or people are staying docked. We encounter a Dramiel as he finishes off a Cormorant but he scarpers. Bah.

3 jumps from the last low-sec system of Tama we are waiting in a belt when a -9.7 sec status pilot comes waltzing in system. I’m tracking him on d-scan when he lands on our grid at 27km. In a Cynabal. Fuck. Garheade melts in seconds and I follow suit. 2 Rifters against a 100mil+ SP character in a Cynabal working at his optimal? Yeah…

So we push our pods the remaining 3 low-sec jumps and dodge a final gatecamp on the Tama–>Highsec gate and grab our noobships for the last leg of the journey.

We got there safe and sound. I will let the following speak for themselves. Boom baby.


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